Emma Grace’s Weekly Photo Project

Before Miss Emma Grace was born I was determined to track her growth through a series of photos.  With Jake I felt like the first year was a blur and I wanted to be able to look back be able to cherish those precious months.  I had already seen a couple awesome photo projects at two amazing blogs, Making it Lovely and Young House Love.  Nicole at Making it Lovely took photos of her daughter Eleanor every month and continued the tradition with her son August.  But when I remembered how John and Sherry from Young House Love took on a massive weekly photo project , I KNEW that is what I had to do!  Each week they put their daughter Clara in a plain white onesie on a different fabric and with a little bit of Photoshop magic put the week on her belly.  So with a closet full of fabric (don’t ask…you will soon learn!) I decided there was no way I could say no to a project full of fun fabric and a cute baby.  So here we are 35 weeks into my weekly photo project and there have been frustrating days and trying shoots but in the end I don’t regret it!


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