Adding Photos From Flickr to Blog Posts

Okay let me start off saying I know I am VERY new to blogging and still trying to figure out the ins and outs of posting, but after searching quite a bit I could not find a decent tutorial on how to add photos from Flickr into a post so I figure why not share what I found and maybe I can help someone else out too! has a support page explaining how to share a single photo within a post but I wanted to be able to have each photo be pulled directly from my account so that I don’t use up all of my upload space for the time being.

Start off in Flickr and select the photo you would like to insert.  Go to the “Actions” button over the top left of your image and select view all sizes.  

Choose what size you would use for your post and right click on the image.  Select “Open Image In New Tab”.

Click over to your new tab and now you will have the direct link to the image in the correct size for you to use!  Copy the image address.

Now go back to your post and select “Add Media” and “From a URL”.  In the “URL” line paste the image address and give your image a name.  Don’t insert it yet because we also have to add an address to the “Link Image To” line.

Now because the Flickr Community Guidelines states “pages on other websites that display content hosted on must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr” we must also link back to your image on Flickr.  It is pretty easy to do.  All you have to go is go back to your original photo on your photo stream and copy that address.

Paste the address into the “Link Image to Line” and then click “Insert into Post”

There it is!!  Not to hard huh?  I’m sure there is probably several other ways to do this as well.  I’m not a professional by any means and am still very new to blogging but it works!  Do you have any shortcuts to insert your Flickr photos?


2 thoughts on “Adding Photos From Flickr to Blog Posts

  1. You saved my life Amber. I’m new to this blogging thing myself and you’re the first person who explains this in straight up easy to understand terms! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    • I am so glad I could help! When I started I knew nothing. So I figured if I could document what I learned along the way maybe it would help someone else too! I’m still not a pro by any means but if you ever get stuck give me a shout and I’ll see if I can help!

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