It’s time for a change..its time to update that room!

I have to admit it.  Poor Jake has been put on the back burner when it comes to a room update.  He will be eight in a little over a month and has been sleeping on the same bedding we bought before he turned two.  We talked about changing things up a bit when we moved into our new house a couple years ago and then again right before we found out that we had a baby on the way.  Well that adorable little baby took over our guest room and now we have no where for guests to stay when visiting.  Usually if it is just one person we kick Jake out of his twin bed for the night but with my in-laws coming into town next week I don’t think Nana and Granddaddy would appreciate sharing the twin bed!  So with the amazing help of my parents we are doing a little bed switch-a-roo with their second guest bedroom and Jake is the proud new owner of a full bed!  With a new bed coming soon its time to start working on an room update!

At this age the problem is trying to figure out something that will be a little bit more grown up for Jake so that maybe we can get another six years out of one room design!  He is a good boy and is down for just about any of my crazy ideas…it is his Daddy who is hard to convince!  I’ve been lusting after the Ronan Set from Serena and Lily for a long time now.  Jake’s favorite colors are navy and lime green so come on this is perfect!

Ronan Collection from Serena & Lily

Unfortunately at $180 for the Duvet Cover and no matching stripe standard pillows it really wasn’t an option for us.  So, a couple months back when this beautiful picture showed up in my inbox from West Elm I felt like the fun stripes were still a possibility!   The only thing that was missing was the lime green piping.  But are you serious…I can make some lime green piping!!!

West Elm Navy Stripe Duvet Set

 Stripe Duvet Cover & Shams in White/Navy from West Elm

At $69 for a Full Duvet and $19 for matching standard shams I think these babies should be shipping to my house any day now.  But alas….I still have to convince hubby which I have been showing him these pictures for over a year now.  We will see how that goes.  Every time I bring it up and tell him that Jake says he likes it, Jeremy turns around and asks Jake if he wants me to buy him camouflage bedding and paint the Marvel comic heroes on the wall.  Guess what his answer is???  “SURE DADDY!”  This is then followed by “Mommy can you paint flames on my wall??”  I give up maybe one day.  Until then here are my other ideas.

Nicole LeMieux Johnson on Pintrest

I love this twist on an accent wall made with reclaimed wood.  The wall that I want to put the bed on has a huge window so that I think even with all of that wood it would not be too heavy for his room which is on the smaller side.  The wall I’m thinking about is similar to this one but with a larger window and more space on each side.  I’m also in love with the industrial lighting.  I think this design would be able to stick around for a LONG time, what about you?

East Coast Creative Pallet Wall

Real Housewives Of Bucks County via Andrika King on Pintrest

Just A Girl Pallet Wall

Chris from Just a Girl updated her son’s room to this edgy design perfect for her tween.  Again, I’m in love with the bright and accent wall.  She was also working with a smaller room and seeing this one makes me think its totally doable in his room.

Well those are my thoughts again for the time being.  For anyone who knows me it is impossible for me to decide on a specific direction but once I find something I like, I’M SOLD!  Well ladies and gentlemen…I’M SOLD on this one.  Any suggestions on how to sell it to the hubby??


2 thoughts on “It’s time for a change..its time to update that room!

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