Emma Grace 39 Weeks

Emma Grace is 39 Weeks Old!

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Letters To Emma Grace

9 Months Old

My sweet baby girl!  Its hard to believe that you are already 9 months old.  The thought of it brings tears to my eyes.  But what brings even more tears to my eyes is this:

Yes, my little girl is crawling.  Well I would call it scooting but instead of pushing with your legs you pull yourself forward with your arms.  Kind of funny if you ask me.  I had been refusing to admit that the time was coming.  I swore that if you tried to crawl I would roll you over so you stayed still.  I don’t want you to grow up.  With your big brother I was so excited at every new milestone he reached.  With you I want to keep you little forever.  Knowing that you will always be my baby and you made our family complete  is hard for you Mommy some days.

You LOVE to eat!  Nursing…not so much.  If we cuddle in bed in the mornings and no one else is around you love to snuggle with me as close as you can get and will nurse all day if I let you.  But if your big brother is around or your daddy…who am I kidding if there is ANYTHING going on you would rather go play than nurse.  When it comes to real food, you will eat until you make yourself sick.  Despite the fact that you are still wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes you are my little peanut with a killer appetite.  You have a crazy obsession with sweet potatoes, chicken and tomatoes are your new fav!  This past weekend we were out for dinner and some some bruchetta.  I figured I would give you the tomatoes off the top but then you wanted the basil too and the cheese and the bread. You DEVOURED it!  You must be an Italian at heart like your Momma.

You have a love hate relationship with sleeping.  Every morning at 7 you wake up to eat and then go back to sleep when you are done until 10.  Once you are up again you want to play but within two and half hours like clockwork you are ready for your afternoon nap.  I get another 2-3 hour nap out of you and then you are up for the rest of the day and go to bed at 8:30.  Your perfect! Except…you don’t like to sleep anywhere but your own bed.  Carseat naps only last a short while and you refuse to fall asleep in Mommy or Daddy’s arms.  You will stay up all day and not go to sleep until bed time if I don’t get you in your crib.  Needless to say right now you are catching up on your sleep in bed.  You LOVE to sleep just like me!

You are SO vocal!  You love to scream and holler and GROWL!!  But they are all happy noises.  Daddy says when you were little you sounded like an angry bird but now you sound like a Gremlin.  It is an affectionate term, I promise!  After you learned to say momma last month it was the only thing you would say for days.  Except you always like to scream “AHHHH” so when you put that in front of momma it sounds like you are calling for Ahma.  Your newest word is dada but I still don’t think you understand what is coming out of your mouth means Daddy, but when I ask you where Daddy is you look right at him and smile!  Jake is still pulling for your next word to be “Jakie.”

You are constantly active and refuse to sit still.  Even if I’m holding you, you will try to climb up my chest and crawl over my shoulders which is why I call you my little monkey.  Your favorite things are still your blankie, Sophie and for some reason your tool bag from Kyson.  You love when it sings to you.  Your hair is finally long enough that I can put bows in it.  This week I even put you in your red one for your weekly pictures, but of course it didn’t stay in very long.  Up until last week you would keep your headbands on and never touch them.  Now you just want to eat your bows…oh well!  Even during nap time you are all over the place.  For some reason you think that if you pull down your bumper and try to stick your head between the slats that I will come get you faster.  So, I took out your bumper since you were destroying it.  But then during nap time you got your arm stuck and the following morning your big chunky thighs were squeezed between the slats.  Needless to say your bumper is back in your crib.

I love it on the rare occasions when you want to snuggle.  I love it when you try to eat your brother’s nose because it makes him laugh just as much as you do.  Those deep belly giggles when I come near you with my fingers in the air are priceless.  Your smile lights up a room and those dimples get me every time.  Your big blue eyes I think are my favorite.  I tell you that those eyes will soon get you whatever you want from your Daddy when you get bigger.  Every stranger who meets you on the street falls in love with your big blue eyes.  Last week an older gentlemen came up behind me very quietly to tell me that you were the most beautiful baby he had ever seen and made sure that I knew that he has never really liked babies or thought any were really very cute at all.  I am so proud of all of your new milestones and I try to cherish every minute with you.  Next month is going to be filled with new adventures as I’m sure you are ready to tear up the house.  I’m off to baby proof the house now!

I love you!



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