Stuffed Burgers – It’s Grilling Season!

Its been up in the 90’s here in South this week.  Can you believe that??  Its MAY!!  I’m scared to see what the summer has in store for us.  The best part about warm weather?  It means its grilling season and our family LOVES to grill!  I’m sure many of you many have stumbled onto several photos on Pintrest of stuffed burgers!  I wish I knew where the original photos came from because I would love to share them with you but until then you are just going to have to drool over mine!

A couple of weeks ago when I ran into this burger press at World Market I thought I had seen it before!  It was the same burger press used in those popular photos!  So of course I swiped it up real quick for Jeremy for his birthday.

Let me tell you this burger is NOT for the faint of heart because it is HUGE!  We started with by cooking off some bacon and then sauteed the onions in the same pan to keep those yummy flavors.  Then Jeremy came up with idea of instead of throwing shredded cheese we combined cream cheese, garlic, chunks of Vermont sharp cheddar (a staple in our house!) and green onions into little patties that put in under the onions and bacon.

Stuffed Burgers by jRoxDesigns

After sealing the burgers we put another one of our cheese patties on top of the burger and threw them on the grill.

Stuffed Burgers by jRoxDesigns

We topped it off with all of our favorites.  Did I mention this burger is HUGE????

Okay just want to make sure you were paying attention.  We even threw it on the scale for fun!

Stuffed Burgers by jRoxDesigns

My favorite part?  Cutting them open and looking at all of those delish fillings!

Stuffed Burgers by jRoxDesigns

Jake couldn’t get over how big they were and kept giggling and asking us if we thought he could put the whole thing in his mouth.

Stuffed Burgers by jRoxDesigns

 What are you grilling this week?


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