Just Breathe :: Inspiration Wednesday

Some days are just harder than others, thats life.  Some days you are exhausted and so overwhelmed that you don’t know how to make it through.  We all have days like this and needless to say that’s why we are having Inspiration Wednesday on Thursday afternoon!  It has just been one of those weeks!  We have a saying in our house “It is what it is.”  See I think that if life gives you lemons not only should you  make some tasty lemonade but I think you also need to throw a party to celebrate that you even have lemons to work with!  I am a firm believer that God will never give you anything that you can’t handle.  He only gives you challenges and tasks to make you a better person.  To make you stronger.  The more challenges you conquer the stronger you become.  Although sometimes it is harder to get through the day and I just have to remind myself that everything I do…I do it for my family.  I do it for my kids.  I do it so that one day when they grow up they can be the best they can be.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself to breathe and this too shall pass.  Everything I do I do it for my family.

So it’s no secret in my house that I’ve wanted a tattoo but I could never quite decide what I wanted.  Originally I wanted to get Jake’s name in some sort of design but knowing I always wanted another child I figured I should wait.  Well guess what?  I have my two kiddos and I have finally figured it out.  I want to get a small tattoo on the inside of my left wrist of Jake and Emma Grace’s names in the shape of an infinity symbol.  I want it to symbolize that my love for them is everlasting no matter what.  I want it to serve as a reminder to me on those hard days of why I do what I do.  I also like the idea of my wrist because it is always there for me to see but a watch band or a chunky bracelet can cover it up if I want to.  So this week I give to you the inspiration behind what I hope will be an everlasting reminder that life is wonderful and life is too short to be stressed!


Just Breathe Tattoo

IMGFAVE via Jennifer S. on Pintrest

Hope Infinity Tattoo

via Connelly Rhea on Pintrest

White Love Infinity Tattoo

via Lauren W. on Pintrest

Infinity Tattoo on Foot


P.S. Writing this post I was interrupted three times by a cranky baby with a fever who has decided that naps are for sissies!  🙂  So again I am reminded to just breathe!


3 thoughts on “Just Breathe :: Inspiration Wednesday

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