Happy Birthday Jacob Dylan!

Happy 8th Birthday To Jake!

Today is my big boy’s birthday!  It is hard to believe it has already been 8 years.  I was looking back at photos from previous birthdays last night and he has changed so much over the last year.  When he blew at the candles last year he looked so little compared to now.  He looks like he has grown a foot since then.  This year has been crazy and filled with fun times.  I asked him what his most memorable moment last year was and he says “when Emma Grace was born of course!”  Gosh he melts my heart!  He is such a great big brother and the sweetest boy.  He will always be my baby boy.  I cherish the times when he wants to cuddle because I know they will not last forever.  I can’t wait for another year of fun with him!

This was Jake’s second year playing tackle football.  He is ROUGH out there!  His first year he was the youngest on the team and got knocked down but the coaches loved his heart because he never got upset he just kept going back for more.  This year he was the big man on the team and played AWESOME!  He even was awarded Offensive Player of the Week.  I know he can’t wait for August!

Like I said before Jake says that his favorite thing that happened this year was becoming a big brother.  After having such a hard pregnancy with Emma Grace like I talked about here I was so excited to be able to take care of Jake and spend more time with him again after she was born.  I can not describe the feeling when I saw my baby boy’s face light up when he saw his little sister for the first time.  I felt so proud.  It was an amazing moment to have the two of them together at last.

When Jake is around you usually are laughing like crazy because this kid is HILARIOUS!  He always has some sort of joke that he has “just made up” that he has to share.  His nickname as school is “Jokester Jake” which even lead him to perform a comedy routine for his talent show at school this spring.  He had everyone laughing and his almost too good at it!

Last week Jake finished up 2nd grade and will be starting 3rd grade the beginning of July.  He breezed right though it.  His math and reading skills are incredible which he must get from his Daddy because they sure are not my strengths!  My mom and sister still tease me that the only book I have ever read is “Haunted America” because it is the same book I read several years in a row when we went to the beach.  I’m pretty sure I finished it…maybe?  Jake on the other hand will finish off books that are way above his grade level in no time flat.  He also can speed through math problems without even blinking.  For about half the year he was having trouble focusing long enough to get his writing done in time.  We joke with him that “His focus need more focus” (you know the Karate Kid?).  But we worked on it like crazy and by the end of the year he was again way above where he is expected to be fore his grade.  I am so proud of my smart boy!

This boy loves his sleep!  I have quite a few pictures of him even catching some quick Zzzs in the back of the car from time to time.  He takes after his Dad and is a morning person.  He keeps waking up at 6:30 am every morning then gets board because there is too much time before school. So now he likes to turn on AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos is what we used to call it back in the day!) on Hulu while he takes his time eating breakfast.  I think we are going to have to figure out something else because school is starting 45 minutes later next year!

My Jacob Dylan – Mommy loves you so much.  You are one of the biggest reasons I am who I am today.  You have taught me so many things along the way and I hope one day you will be able to understand how much you mean to me.  In the mean time I can’t wait to make more memories with you.  You will always be my baby boy!

Happy Birthday Big Man!


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