Emma Grace 46 Weeks

Emma Grace is 46 Weeks Old!

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Poor girl has had a rough week.  Her little independent self has decided she is going to use everything to help her walk but she is going to do it all by herself.  This morning she walked along our dresser and pulled everything out of Jeremy’s drawers and then across the wall to go read his Handyman magazines on the other side of the room.  The beginning of the week she banged her head on her crib and then she busted her lip the other day after taking a tumble outside.  She is a stubborn girl though…she will never give up!  Her new obsession is Cheerios.  If I on accident leave the door to the pantry open she will pull up on the shelves and scream at the boxes of Os until someone gets them for her.  She is a piece of work.  So here is Emma Grace and her favorite snack of the week!


“Gracious I love these things!”



“Well I mean I could go back to having some of those apple cinnamon puffs..”


“Ohhhh thank goodness you found another box..I’m much better now!!!”


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