Beach Bound :: Inspiration Wednesday

I swear I’m still here and alive!  You know when you hit a wall half way through the week?  Yepp…I’m there right now.  I just finished another round of clear coat on 8 sets of cornhole boards.  Once I get these last ones out of the house that will be 20 for the month and I am burned out.  So lets just say with vacation coming up soon I just can’t wait.  When we spent the weekend at the beach a couple months back for this fabulous wedding I’ve been so anxious to get back for our yearly beach trip!  I have big plans for my week…

Sandy Toes

I plan on having sandy toes ALL WEEK!

Kisses On The Beach

Of course a couple late night walks on the beach and sneak in a couple kisses from my amazing hubby!

Wading In The Ocean

Lots of goofy times in the ocean with this crazy boy


I’m sure Miss Sophie will have to play in the sand too!

Sleeping Baby

Most of all I think we all plan on taking quite a few naps!

More than anything…I’m just ready for a break!  How about you??


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