A Week At The Beach Away From It All

Wow it feels like it was so long ago that we got back from the beach when in reality it hasn’t even been two weeks ago.  I miss it like crazy already.  We had so much fun and did nothing but sit back and relax the entire week.

I love the house that we have stayed in the past couple years.  It is literally RIGHT ON the beach.  I love this little place.


Check out that ceiling.  Isn’t it cool?


First thing in the morning we would watch all the fishing boats go by.


It is sad to think that our house may not be there in a couple of years because of how close to the ocean it is.  With all of the hurricanes that come through every year I always keep my fingers crossed.  This year we had a little friend parked next to the house that had worked on pushing some sand back to protect our little guy!  That and the boys thought it was too cool!

A_Week_At_The_Beach_5There were lots of afternoon naps


There were always sandy toes


Even Emma Grace got her toes painted too.


The boys threw back a couple of cold ones throughout the day.  Us ladies had a couple late night margaritas and glasses of sangria!


The boys picked up a couple of shells to take home.


The weather was perfect.  Only one small storm blew through real quick one evening.  Made for some beautiful pics!


We enjoyed the breeze and the smell of the ocean.


Of course we had to play some games too!


Some of us read a couple good books!  I’m not much of a novel type of person but I did catch up on some photography books like I mentioned here.

Emma Grace even had her own pool on the porch so she could stay out of the sun.  The boys always made sure she had enough toys!


We even squeezed in two birthdays…mine and an extra special one for my grandpa.  More on that later!


More than anything it was amazing to be able to spend time with the family.  No obligations to worry about.  No work to get done.  Nothing to do but have fun.  Now if we could only go away for a week a little more often that would be awesome!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

More beach and birthday fun is coming soon!


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