Emma Grace 50 Weeks

Emma Grace is 50 Weeks Old!


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Okay it did kill me putting the five on the onesie just like I thought.  I think it will be harder when the word “weeks” turns to months very soon.  I have loved every second of this project and I know that once she turns a year old I just can’t stop.  So, instead of doing weekly pictures I am going to go to monthly and I highly doubt any of them will be with her laying down because that barely works anymore!  I usually bribe her with snacks to keep still and most of the time it works.  This week she had dried strawberries which is one of her favorites.    After many weeks of knowing that those top teeth were coming soon they have finally made an appearance, all FOUR on the top are coming in at the same time.  So far two have made it through and the other two should be any day now!

Emma Grace 50 Weeks Teeth

I’ve distracted myself this week with party planning.  I’ve ordered some fun decorations and even picked out some fun gifts (yes I’ve already been reminded that they are really for me because she doesn’t know the difference!)  We picked out a party dress which I’m in love with!  Yes its pink and yellow chevron.  Perfect?  I think so!

What can I say?  The girl looks good in neon!

Emma Grace July 16th

Emma Grace 50 Weeks Crawling1

We even picked up a new lime green headband this week.  Yes I’m guilty of playing dress up but for $1.50 I couldn’t resist.  It is a bit big but she will grow into it.  Oh and her crawling is like speed crawling.  There is NO taking my eyes off of her!

Emma Grace Crawling 2


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