Supporting Team USA :: Inspiration Wednesday

Growing up I remember watching the Summer Olympics in Sydney.  I’ve always thought that it was just so awesome that once every two years the world comes together to celebrate who we are not only as individuals but what we can accomplish as a team.  For two weeks we put politics aside and cheer on our neighbors near and far.  So today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ways to bring a little red, white and blue into your day to help us cheer on TEAM USA!

Tiny White Daisies via Gracie S. on Pintrest

Add flags to your home both inside and out.

Hanging American Flag by Rachel Halvorson Designs

Rachel Halvorson Designs on The Hunted Interior via Remodelaholic on Pintrest

Ruby Red Dahlia on Navy Blue and White Zigzag Pillow - Chevron Pillow by bedbuggs on Etsy

bedbuggs on Etsy

Eighteen 25 via Rebecca on Pintrest

Dress up your little one in some stars and stripes!


Stars and Stripes Tiny Toms

Even Pampers has released a limited edition Team USA diaper!


And yes even though Ralph Lauren is taking a lot of heat for manufacturing the U.S. Team’s outfits in China (don’t get me started!) you can’t deny that they did a great job putting a twist on their classic style for their official Olympic gear.


Ralph Lauren


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