Painted Kitchen Rug :: Inspiration Wednesdays

Lets just say my kitchen rug has seen better days.  I bought it when we first moved in 3 1/2 years ago when our kitchen was still dark red from the previous owners.  Well since then there have been a lot of changes downstairs and I’m getting sick of looking at it.  So today I’ve been looking for inspiration for a new kitchen rug.

I love this one from Bed Bath and Beyond but the $40 price tag isn’t quite in my budget.  So maybe a little bit of DIY is needed in this situation and there are lots of great sites out there with tutorials!

Yum Kitchen Rug by One Life to Live

One Life To Love

Painted Kitchen Rug by Momtastic

Momtastic via Stefanie P. on Pintrest

Fabric Wrapped Kitchen Rug by In My Own Style

In My Own Style

Now I just have to decide exactly what I want to do.  Hummm……


One thought on “Painted Kitchen Rug :: Inspiration Wednesdays

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