Pantone Hotel – An Overload of Yummy Color Goodness!

It is no secret around here that I have a slight obsession with Pantone.  The idea of so many colors and so many shades of colors makes me giddy.  Wait until I finish getting together a wrap up about Emma Grace’s birthday…you will see how deep my obsession is.  So when scrolling through my news feed on Facebook Pantone had posted THIS!!

Yes holy moly it is the Hotel Pantone in Belgium.  Oh yes I swear I need a plane ticket in my had right now.  So please sit back and enjoy the beauty that is pure Pantone color goodness!!!

Pantone Hotel2

Pantone Hotel3

Pantone Hotel4

Pantone Hotel5

Pantone Hotel6

Pantone Hotel11

Pantone Hotel9

Pantone Hotel8

Pantone Hotel7


3 thoughts on “Pantone Hotel – An Overload of Yummy Color Goodness!

  1. Ok, think about this for a moment. What a way to sell Pantone. It’s one thing to look a color sticks and magazines, it’s another thing to surround yourself with living color – from cups to walls to linens. Excellent idea – they created a “Make It a Wow!” experience that will undoubtedly influence every guest in a way they’ll never forget. Personally, I think great experiences are the BEST way to sell a product, service, or point-of-view:

    • I couldn’t agree more! Experiences ARE the best way to sell a product, I love your approach to a “Make It a Wow!” experience. I know I would go stay there in a heartbeat if I was ever anywhere near by. They have made it into a escape haven for designers and even a place that non designers would love to stay. Nicely done Pantone!

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