Weekend Fun With The Kids – Meet the Pack 2012

Meet The Pack 2012 1

Okay it still sounds weird to say my “kids” rather than my kid.  Even though Emma Grace is already a year old it is still strange to me that I have two kids.  When Jake is in school it is just Emma Grace and I out running errands together.  For seven years it was just Jake and I running around town together.  So I love being able to actually find something we can do together that is fun.  As much fun as the grocery store and the hardware store are I would rather make memories somewhere else!  Every year my Alma Mater NC State hosts “Meet The Pack” at our football stadium.  All of the players from the football team are there along with the a couple other sports as well.  Well football is a big deal in our house.  Jake was born only a couple months before I started my freshman year so he went to a lot of games with us.  For old times sake lets take a peek back at baby Jake!

Meet The Pack 2012 2

Meet The Pack 2012 4

Meet The Pack 2012 3

Awwww…baby Jake!  Okay back to reality!  Even though Emma Grace will not be able to go to as many games as her big brother we figured we would still start her young!  I kept it as a surprise for Jake and I didn’t tell him until we pulled into the parking lot.  I then grabbed my old jersey and his hat out of my bag and threw it to him in the back seat.  When I told him that he was going to meet the team he went crazy!!  He did have some sort of an idea because I was wearing my State shirt and Emma Grace had on her new outfit too!  Guess I’m not as sneaky as I thought!

Meet The Pack 2012 5

Meet The Pack 2012 6

The football team was split up into smaller groups throughout the stadium so we were able to see most of the team.  Except we skipped out on the quarterbacks…wow that line was long!

Meet The Pack 2012 7

After our first group he was thrilled that he already had so many signatures!

Meet The Pack 2012 8

Did I mention the lines were REALLY long?  Emma Grace really wasn’t happy about missing her morning nap for Jake’s football practice that morning or missing her afternoon nap to see a ton of big boys who were doing nothing but sitting there signing Jake’s shirt!

Meet The Pack 2012 9

But its okay because she has a big brother who will always take care of her!

Meet The Pack 2012 10


Meet The Pack 2012 11

While we waited Jake tried to figure out whether or not all the reserved seats spelled out something!

Meet The Pack 2012 12

I couldn’t resist a couple photo ops in front of the score board

Meet The Pack 2012 13

And why not another one on the back of the score board!

Meet The Pack 2012 14

I love my little boy!  He kept saying “Mommy do you really think I can go here when I get bigger?”  All of the players we so nice and several of them had lots of great words of encouragement when they found out that he played football too.  The guy who even wears Jake’s number 43 told him that he would be more than happy to pass down his number to Jake when he got there.  After the longest line ever we even got to meet Coach O’Brian!  Oh and all Emma Grace wanted the whole time was Jake’s hat, but after coach signed it he refused to let her touch it!

Meet The Pack 2012 15

We are ready for football season!  8 more days until State’s first game!  Then Jake’s first game is tomorrow and his pep rally is tonight!  Whooho!!  I am ready for football season!  Are you ready for some football!?!?!?


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