DIY Painted Placemat Kitchen Rug Tutorial

Remember back a couple of weeks ago to the Inspiration Wednesday post about painted kitchen rugs?  Well meet the newest addition to our kitchen!

DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesigns1 copy

Isn’t she a beauty?  I’m so in love!  I knew it was a long shot that it would actually work but I crossed my fingers and it turned out great!  So this is the before…

Before - DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesigns

Wow!  I know a real looker right?  I swear it looked a lot better 4 years ago when I bought it and when it actually matched the red kitchen.  The rug was a soft fabric on top and a really cushy foam underneath.  It is so nice to stand on while I do dishes so I didn’t want to get rid of it but it had seen better days.  The down side?  That fabric had started to pill…REALLY bad!  So I threw a coat of primer (same as I used for Emma Grace’s dresser – Zinsser’s Bulls Eye 1-2-3 water based primer) and hoped for the best.  The pilled fabric pieces soaked the primer right up and I took some sand paper to it and they actually started to come off!  So I put on another coat of primer to see if I could get them all off.

Progress - 1-2 Primed - DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesignsWhat a difference one extra coat of primer can cover huh?  So after I sanded the heck out of the thing again I had a great smooth surface to work with!

Progress - Primed - DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesignsYou can still see the original print underneath but I just wanted to get a good base and cover most of it.  I then took the same orange that we used as an accent wall in our adjoining family room and gave the rug another two full coats of paint.

Progress - Painted - DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesigns

Wow looking good already!  I then drew up a little sketch of what I wanted and used our projector to trace the image in pencil on the rug.  I then hand painted the inside the lines (I was always good at coloring inside the lines).  After two coats of white I sat back an enjoyed a job well done!  In order to seal it up I applied three coats of Minwax’s Polycrylic.  Yes three coats is a little excessive but the rug has some natural dips in it from the fabric and I was trying to fill the dips to get a smoother finish.  I started off with gloss polycrylic but after it completely dried it was WAY too much sheen.  So I put one more coat of the polycrylic in satin and it was perfect!

DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesigns2

I love how it turned out!  It is clean and fun and funky all at the same time.  Now every time I don’t want to do dishes I can jump up and down on my plate to get my frustrations out!  Haha nah I’m kidding but Jake thought it was funny!

DIY Painted Kitchen Rug by jRoxDesigns
So go grab some paint and add a little fun to your kitchen too!


8 thoughts on “DIY Painted Placemat Kitchen Rug Tutorial

  1. I love this!! You should open an etsy store with these! Is that paint sticky under your feet at all? I have 2 of these in my kitchen that are just the foam texture, and I am thinking it would be sticky, but maybe not?

    • You are so sweet! I do have an etsy shop and I’m working to get some new things up. Maybe I’ll have to do some rugs!

      Ah the sticky factor! I was worried about that too. After a couple days the polycrylic hardened up real nice and it is not sticky at all. I did end up using a satin sheen and I think that helped quite a bit. If you get a chance to update yours make sure to stop by back by because I would love to see them!

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