Emma Grace’s Weekly Photo Project Goes Monthly!

Yes I know I am a month late in sharing this!  I just now realized this week that I never shared her 52 week photo or her birthday party details!  I know…I’m horrible!  So here we go!

Emma Grace is 52 Weeks Old!

I mean lets look back for just a moment at how much my baby girl has grown over the last year!


It is amazing how fast babies grow up and that is exactly why I decided to do this project!  It was the most rewarding long-term project I do believe I have ever done.  Let me be honest though, I’m not always the best at keeping on top of things and I was sure I was going to forget a week along the way.  I also had this horrible fear that on her birthday some how I was going to realize that I was one week short or something crazy like that.  Now that she is a year old I’ve decided to change things up.  Just like Miss Clara over at Young House Love (who inspired this whole project!) Emma Grace has graduated to being allowed to sit up! 🙂  For the last couple months she has wanted to do nothing but roll over and sit up while I take her pictures so it’s time to let her have a little more fun.  She also is getting a bit of a break as well because we are now graduating to monthly pictures instead of weekly pictures.  Also I’ve upgraded her wardrobe so that she now gets to sport a cute skirt or pants if she would like.  At this point to get her to sit still I am giving her something to play with.  I actually like the changes.  The props are a fun way to see what she is into at the moment and it keeps her happy and smiling.  At her 12 month shoot the only thing to keep her happy was her Cheerios which we all know is her favorite snack from here.  The most exciting part of this last shoot was the fabric!  Check that out!  I had a custom fabric printed from Spoonflower as the backdrop.  I’ll make sure to give you guys all the details in another post.  So here we go…lets see if I can keep it going now that I have a TODDLER on my hands!

Emma Grace is 12 Months Old!

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