Emma Grace Is 13 Months Old!

Emma Grace is 13 Months Old!

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Last month it was Cheerios this month she is making her Momma proud reading her new book we bought her for her birthday

Yes I am an absolute dork and I am aware that I have a slight obsession with Pantone!  Remember back to the post about the Pantone Hotel?  When I found this book a couple of months back I couldn’t resist and ran out and got it for her.  I mean I think every child should be able to not only learn basic colors but then all the shades in between too!

Letters To Emma Grace

13 Months Old

The last month has been so much fun with you.  You are growing up so much every day and your personality is really starting to come out.  You still have issues with being away from me.  If I leave your side you scream like crazy until I come back.  If I leave you with someone else you are usually fine after you get over the fact of me being gone.  Sometimes baby girl other people want to spend time with you too!  Your Ahma and your Auntie would love to play with you but you just don’t like being away from me.  Personally I love our time together but you need to learn to let the rest of your family love you too!  You and Daddy have become so close this last month.  You learned how to clearly say “Dada” and the sound of your voice makes Daddy’s heart melt and he beams with pride!  I know it is hard for him to try to bond with you because you will not leave my side but now you love hanging out with him.  You get so excited when he comes home and I’ve lost count of how many times this month that you wanted him to hold you rather than me.  We are getting there!
August means football season in our house and you have been a really good sport so far.  Jakie practices three nights a week and our Saturdays are spent going to games.  You have a lot of fun at practice every night as long as you have had your afternoon nap.  Game days are fun for all of us and Mommy even made you a new onesie to cheer on your big brother.
I made you one last year too and you when you were so little!  It is crazy to think about how much our lives have changed in the past year since I took this picture.
Meal time is always exciting around here.  You now have six teeth and will eat anything you can get your hands on.  You still love bananas and I still have to hide them from you when we go to the grocery store or else you will go crazy and want one!  You love going to see Daddy at work because that means you can eat guacamole by the fist full and down a ton of black beans!  After your first birthday I finally gave you a cup of cows milk and WOW do you love it!  I was worried that maybe you would give up on nursing once you had regular milk but I was kind of relieved that you still want to snuggle up and nurse in the morning and before bed with me.  By the time your brother was your age he didn’t nurse any more but I am so happy to be able to still share our time together.  Nursing is the only time you want to cuddle me and I think that is one of the major reasons why I am hanging on so tight.
You still aren’t talking very much…well no let me take that back.  You talk ALL THE TIME but you just don’t like to use words.  You will finally tell me when you are “all done” which is a big deal!  It has made meal time SO MUCH easier!

Talking is slowly coming along for you.  You say Mama, Dada, moooeee (for more) and brabrabra (for brother because Jake is still a little hard to say!)  We are working on your walking but you just aren’t very motivated. I try to walk up and down the field with you every day at practice and you will RUN with only holding on to one of my hands, but if I’m not there to hold your hand…nope it’s not happening!  It is okay you can take your time baby girl I just don’t want you to grow up to fast!



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