Toy Crate Storage :: Inspiration Wednesday

It is no surprise that with a toddler (GASP – I’m still adjusting to that word!) in the house I have toys EVERYWHERE!  The corner of my dining room is overcrowded with toys that are spilling out of plastic buckets that look horrible and are cracked because someone thought she could sit inside of them!  A couple of weeks ago while picking up mulch at our city’s yard waste center they had a HUGE pile of wooden crates.  When I say HUGE I mean it was like 12 feet high by goodness knows how many feet wide.  There must have been hundreds of crates.  Of course even though my wonderful brother-in-law who took me up there with his truck must have thought I was nuts I started grabbing as many as we could fit in the truck with us.  Unfortunately with three kids in the back we only were able to pick up three but I’ve been super excited about them!  So it hit me the other day that I am going to turn those suckers into cute toy storage.  I know I want to put them on casters so we can wheel them around pretty easily.  Maybe even a rope something to pull them around with?  I think this is going to be fun!  Here is what is inspiring me this week!

I think this one is one of my favorites from Natasha at The Little Pink Monster because of the super cute casters!  She got them from and they have some of the neatest casters.  They come in all sorts of colors and styles.  Who knew?!  Jeremy was worried about using the crates in the house because they might be a little to country but you know what, I think this is the perfect way to make the bins a little bit more fun and funky!

 The Little Pink Monster

Splendid Willow

Ana White via Colette P. on Pintrest

Serena and Lily


3 thoughts on “Toy Crate Storage :: Inspiration Wednesday

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