Happy 4th Birthday to Little Man!

Happy 4th Birthday Buddy Buddy!!

I know you have already heard Aunnie sing you Happy Birthday a million times today but be prepared because you are going to hear it again a dozen more times before you go night night.  Four years ago we were all so anxious to meet you.  Mommy and Ahma came to visit Aunnie at her work and you had already told Mommy that you were on your way and we were so excited.  Ahma made Mommy walk around all day to make sure she got enough exercise and she was SO tired.  That night Uncle Jeremy, Jakie and I went to bed and after only being asleep for a little bit your Daddy called me and said “It’s time to go Kyson is on his way!”  We all rushed up to the hospital and couldn’t wait to see you.  In the mean time we all waited very patiently for you in the waiting room.


Auntie Roquel and Jakie snuggled up to stay awake…


…but Uncle Jeremy decided to take a nap.  It was the middle of the night after all!!!


Then Daddy came and told us Mommy was going to have to have surgery so we could meet you even sooner!!  As soon as we could we all ran back and took turns to see you!  You want to know how happy you made your Mommy?  Look at Mommy’s face!  This is the first second she was finally able to hold you!


Daddy could hardly wait to hold you too!


Ahma cried because she was so happy to finally see you and know that you and Mommy were okay!

And then we realized how much hair you had!  WOW!  Jakie didn’t have that much hair until he was two years old!  Your Mommy had sooo much hair just like you when she was born!


Little man you have brought us all so much laughter and so much joy since you were born!  You are the brother that Jakie always wanted and even though you two are crazy sometimes I am so happy that you have each other.


You fight as if you were brothers!  Ahma said the two of you remind her of Mommy and Aunnie when we were little just a little bit more dramatic!


You see even though I’m just your Aunnie I love you just as much as if you were my own baby boy.  I’ll always be here to help kiss your boo boos all better and pick you up when you fall.  When you get older and think that your Mommy and Daddy are silly and just don’t understand you can always run away to my house (Just kidding Mommy!! 🙂 ) You have grown up so much over the last several years and I am so proud of you!

KJ_Birthday10You always know how to make us smile with your goofy laugh and your silliness brightens up my day!  So take your time growing up okay? We have so many fun years ahead of us!KJ_Birthday11

Happy Birthday!!




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