Beautiful Block Printed Textiles by Haveli Design :: Nursery Tuesday

For those of you who don’t know I went to school for textiles and I loved my textile design classes!  I have a deep love and appreciation…well obsession…for beautiful unique fabrics!  This week I came across Haveli Design based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia from on Babyology (they are lifestyle website based out of Australia with some of the coolest companies that aren’t available in the States – sign up for their weekly newsletters here!)

Haveli’s nursery bedding is printed on super soft cotton voile using block printing.  Block printing is “an ancient Indian technique whereby motifs carved into blocks of wood are stamped onto cloth by hand, to create unique and charming effect. An anecdote to mass production, no two pieces are exactly alike.”


Haveli’s designer and owner Karmin says that she “came across a lady selling clothing made from embroidered Indian dupattas (shawls) at a market in Melbourne. My heart actually started pounding, I got so excited. From then on I would spend my spare time researching different embroideries and buying old Chinese wedding skirts and Japanese Wedding Kimonos on eBay. I spent pretty much all of my holidays travelling to new countries to find new textiles and embroideries.”  Wow sounds like someone I can definitely relate to!

Right now they are selling three-piece bedding set including a fitted sheet, skirt and blanket.  The blankets have block printed elephants on one side and the Jali motif on the reverse.

They also offer quilted pillows that feature a button closure.  I wish I was little so I could snuggle up with them!

So what do you do if you already have finished your nursery and your husband says no you can not change everything just because you have “fallen madly in love” with their gorgeous fabrics?  Oh not to worry because Haveli also has a line of clothing for both babies and children!!  They have also recently announced that they will be expanding their line to include ladies as well.  I can’t wait to see what they will offer!

How beautiful are those prints??  One of my favorites has to be the Jali Mexican Dress!  The details are breath-taking!

Don’t you love the bloomers with their Kurta tops?  Check these out!

Make sure to stop Haveli’s site to check out all of their current offerings and if you have time to stop by Karmin’s blog to learn more about the process of block printing, her travels as well as her obsession with textiles just like me!


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