Crazy Toddler Mornings

Life around here is kind of crazy.  With Jake tracked out of school and Emma Grace being all over the place every second of the day they keep me on my toes.  It seems like I haven’t pulled out my camera as as much as I normally try to but I did take a couple minutes to capture the new craziness of toddler mornings with Emma Grace.  She has become distructive!  Well not really she is just being a curious toddler but our mornings have become very interesting around here.

It started out that if I wasn’t looking and left the bathroom cabinet door open, she would crawl as fast as she could to get inside so that she could explore everything under the sink.  Within the last couple days though she has figured out how to open the doors even though they don’t have knobs on them.  She is pretty proud of herself!

Then when the sink becomes boring it is on to her big box of blocks!

It was one of Jake’s favorites toys when he was her age!

Once we are done with the blocks we have to go scream “hello” to whoever is downstairs!  She will scream “DAADAA!” or “BRAHBRAH!” (for brother) until someone answers her!

Then maybe if no one answers she may get a little frustrated and try to scale the railings like a monkey.

Oh Emma Grace I always knew you were going to be handful but you are just so much fun to play with!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Toddler Mornings

  1. Ummm … like her mother didn’t do some of the same things? I think we’ve got a few pictures of those somewhere. But wait, those were in color. These are B&W. I must have entered a time warp somewhere.

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  3. Pingback: Emma Grace Is 15 Months Old! | jRoxDesigns

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