What’s In My Diaper Bag? :: Nursery Tuesday

Since Tuesdays are already Nursery Tuesdays how perfect is it to share my diaper bag today?  I absolutely LOVE my diaper bag.  There is plenty of room for tons of stuff and with three sets of straps I can wear it as a tote, over the shoulder or with the stroller straps I can even go hands free!  Gotta love it!  Other than the JJ Cole Diaper and Wipes Pod my most used item by far has been my nursing cover.  When I designed my cover I wanted something fun with good coverage that would let me feel comfortable nursing anywhere and I’m happy to report it has been a lifesaver!  (P.S. I will be restocking the shop soon with more designs so make sure to stop by!)  We have always got to have snacks on hand and Emma Grace loves her apple puffs.  Until I can save up for a padded camera bag that I can hold all of my stuff too I don’t usually put my DSLR in my diaper bag, so I just have my old point and shoot in a side pocket.  That way I can always capture a fun moment!

So whatcha got in your bag?  Or if you are a Momma of a crazy little one like me what are you hiding in your diaper bag???  What are your must have items that you can’t leave the house without?  Share it with us!


One thought on “What’s In My Diaper Bag? :: Nursery Tuesday

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