Bumperless Cribs Get A Facelift With Printed Sheets :: Nursery Tuesday

Zig Zag Baby Bumperless Crib Sheet

I have to say I love a bumpers in a nursery but with all of the controversy going on over the last couple years it is more important now than ever to make sure that if you do use a bumper that not only does it meet the correct safety standards but that it is used properly as well.  May companies have jumped at the opportunity to start creating alternatives to the traditional bumper that can keep little hands and feet from getting stuck by using mesh guards or covers for the crib slats.

On the other hand some companies have just decided to embrace the trend and do away with bumpers completely.  From a design perspective most of the pattern and focus of the traditional three-piece bedding set was in the bumper and the skirt.  Traditionally the crib sheet has been a break between patterns, it was a way to balance the overall design of the set.  Now things are changing!  Without bumpers companies are bringing the focus to the crib sheets!

Brick Whisper Perfect Fit Crib Sheet by Annette Tatum

Annette Tatum designed the Perfect Fit Crib Sheet by using a beautiful combination of two main printed fabrics and adding a third pattern into the sheet with a corded trim.  It is simple but looks beautiful!

Complete Sheet™ by Skip Hop

Skip Hop took the same approach to their Complete Sheet™ by using multiple prints as well.  I’m loving the idea of adding more interest back into crib bedding through the sheets.  What do you think???

Celadon Scale Crib Sheet by Serena & Lily

Then there are companies like Serena and Lily who carry the most beautiful and unique prints in all of their products!  They have always incorporated a print in their crib sheets and I think that is why their sets have always been so popular.  In the past most of the sheet prints have been fairly small-scale or a muted color but recently they have brought so many more fun and bright prints into the mix.

So what are you thoughts?  Did you go bumperless in your nursery and put a pop of prints in your crib sheet?  Ever since I took Emma Grace’s bumper out I’ve been thinking of trading in her plain sheets for something fun.  I think it is time to give her crib a facelift with a printed sheet too!


3 thoughts on “Bumperless Cribs Get A Facelift With Printed Sheets :: Nursery Tuesday

    • You crack me up! My daughter LOVED hers and would snuggle up to it at night but once she started using it to try and climb out of her crib I had to take it out! 😦 It only took her a couple of weeks to figure out how to unstick her little feet from between the slats!

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