Cioccolato Modern Bakery Design :: Inspiration Wednesday

Cioccolato Bakery

There is just something about a bakery!  The aroma you can smell from blocks away and all the different treats just begging to be tasted!  Growing up it felt like my Mom would always be baking something new.  She makes the most amazing blackberry and peach cobbler and when it comes to Christmas time…forget it!  Christmas cookies were not just a staple in our home but were and still are a tradition.  Some people make two or three different types of cookies, oh no at our house we grew up with what felt like dozens of different types.  To me baking is so much fun.  It is a way to relax and unwind.  Over the past couple years I’ve really gotten into baking cupcakes.  I’ve made so many different kinds and I just love experimenting with new flavors.  I’ve watched all of those cupcake TV shows and my sister and I always joke that we should just open up our own bakery.
Cioccolato Bakery

I mean really how much fun would it be to have your own bakery?  Baking has made a big come back in the commercial market in the last couple years and it seems like a new bakery is popping up around every corner.  When I came across these photos of the most amazing bakery on Babyology I just had to share!

Cioccolato Bakery Cioccolato is a unique bakery in Monterrey, Mexico that is unlike any bakery I’ve ever seen.  From a girl who is OBSESSED with color I love how they have created a stark white environment and then allowed all the sweet treats to be the color show stoppers of the store.

Cioccolato Bakery  Their displays are so unique and simple.  Savvy Studios, the designers of the store, were aiming to have a Willy Wonka Factory feel of slight madness in the space.  I think it is fun and what kid (or parent for that fact) wouldn’t want to go crazy in the store?

Cioccolato Bakery

Cioccolato Bakery

So Momma and big sis wanna go in together and have a shop like this???


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