Emma Grace Is 14 Months Old!

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This month it was a little difficult to pick my favorite.

This girl has so much personality lately!

Her uncontrollable giggles are just too much!

Or when she tenses up when she gets so excited and gets this sour face!

She always insists on telling everyone hello with a friendly wave.

My personal favorite is when she just gets so excited she can hardly stand it!

Letters To Emma Grace

14 Months Old

My baby girl this past month has been one of the best months of my life.  Over the last couple weeks you have gone from being my independent and sometimes stubborn little girl to the happiest toddler I have ever seen.  It is almost as if your personality changed overnight.  You are so full of joy and its like you are finally able to be the little girl that we have seen from time to time over the past year.  You seem to smile brighter and laugh harder and it is amazing to see you grow.
Your bond with your Daddy is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  I’ve watched your Daddy teach Jakie all sorts of things over the years.  Everything from how to hold the doors for people and why it is so important to always say “Thank You” and “Have a good day” to everyone, even complete strangers.  They spend their time bonding over silly boy things like burps and toots and how sometimes toots sound like ducks (I don’t get it.  It’s a boy thing don’t worry about it!)  But the thing is it is always ruff and tuff boy time with the two of them and when Daddy is with you…you are his precious little girl.  He will walk through the door after a long day at work and at the sound of his voice you crawl over to him as fast as your little legs will carry you.  The second he picks you up your face lights up almost as much as his.  I fear your beautiful blue eyes are going to get you whatever you want from your Daddy when you get bigger!
The weather is starting to cool off finally and evenings are getting colder.  You love the feel of the cool air on your face when we walk Jakie to the bus in the morning but you do NOT like all the extra layers of clothes.  One afternoon I put you down for your nap and at some point you figured out how to unzip your sweatshirt and take it off.  You kindly threw it across the room towards the door in an attempt to let me know you were done with it.  Then a couple of mornings later I come in to see you in a battle against your jammies.  You see I believe you got yourself in over your head thinking that you could take your shirt off.  I don’t know whether you gave up or I just came in before you could finish your attempt to get nakie.  Oh and last night I made sure to put socks and an extra shirt on you last night before you went to bed.  Then this morning you woke me up to let me know that you didn’t want socks or your other shirt anymore (as you threw them out of your bed again) but you were cold and would rather snuggle in my bed where you were sure it was warmer!  By snuggle I mean go crazy and play underneath my blankets…just to be clear there was no snuggling involved!

You still love bath time and quiet time to play toys by yourself.  Sometimes I catch you what seems to be deep thought.  I wish I knew what you were thinking in that silly head of yours.  You have acquired quite the stash of toys downstairs and will play for hours by yourself only to check in a couple of times for a sippy cup of milk when you have become parched or for a couple pretzels or maybe some peppers with humus if you have worked up an appetite.  They are all your favorites right now!  Your appetite kills me and I only wish your brother would eat half of the things you eat!  Mommy and Daddy put up a baby gate to keep you downstairs but low and behold you still have figured out how to open it and go crawling upstairs.  You are so quiet and sneaky about it, except for when you make it about half way up you start laughing uncontrollably because you know you are up to no good!

You still are crawling and have no interest in walking.  When Nana was here she bought you a baby doll and Mommy bought you a baby stroller to go with her.  You will push your baby around the house ALL DAY.  You will push stools around and instead of ridding your giraffe scooter you have decided you need to push it as well.  You stand up all on your own without so much as a quiver in your stance but I just think you are unsure of yourself when it comes to taking that first step.  It’s okay baby I know you can do it but just to let you know there is all sorts of things you can do once you can walk that you can’t do now!!!! 🙂  Your vocabulary is expanding.  During Nana’s visit you also learned how to say “NANNNA” very proudly!  In the car you would play your favorite game with the two of us.  You would first scream “MAMMMA” and I would say “EMMMMA GRACCCE” and you would giggle and they say “NNNANNNAAA” and as soon as Nana would say your name you would be full of giggles again.  I love how the simplest things make you laugh.  Jake and I both swear we heard you say “Jake Jake.”  We haven’t heard it since but I’m pretty sure that will be one of your next words.  I can’t wait to see how much more you grow this month!!



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