Beautiful Blogger Award! :: Inspiration Wednesday

I have some exciting news to share today!  I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award from Adam and Nicole over at Adventures We Seek!  They have traveled all over the world and have the most fascinating stories and beautiful photos from their adventures.  So take a second to stop by because trust me, once you start reading about their journeys you will want to hop on a plane and start an adventure of your own!

I got sucked into the blogging world a couple of years ago and decided to take the dive myself earlier this year.  The blogging community is full of the most amazing and inspirational people.  After doing a little research I found that the Beautiful Blogger Award is awarded for creativity, originality, and overall contribution to the blogging community.  I am so thankful to each and every one of my readers that you take time out of your busy days to come by and read my blog.  I am also so honored that a fellow blogger would think of me when asked what their favorite blogs are.  So thank you Adam and Nicole for making my day and passing along this award.  As with most awards there are a couple of rules that come along with accepting the award:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog

2. Attach the award icon to your site

3. Share 7 interesting things about yourself

4. Nominate 10 other deserving bloggers

7 Random Things About Myself

*My love of DIY stems from the fact that I’m really picky about design.  I can never find exactly what I want so I just make it myself!

* I get distracted very easily when it comes to designing.  If I’m not in love with a project I often get bored and it never gets finished.  Sad…I know.  I need to work on that one!  I also like quick projects and any that take too long I lose interest in as well!

* I LOVE Pepsi.  If a restaurant carries Coke I will typically just have water instead of anything else.  I seriously dislike Coke.  My favorite is putting a can of Pepsi in the freezer until it is so cold I have a slushy!  Yumm yumm!

* I hate buying shoes because I wear a size 11 and my feet are wiiiidddeeee.  Most cute shoes aren’t available in that size so instead I have developed an obsession with buying cowboy boots because I can always get them to fit me perfect!

* I wear the same two sets of earrings in my ears every day.  Yepp I’m boring!  My ears are sensitive so I can’t wear fun cheap-o earrings.  Boo!  I’m usually too lazy to change out my necklaces either!

* I love driving manual cars.  All of my cars have been manuals and I guess I just get bored driving anything else.  My mom taught me how to drive stick right after I learned the basics of driving on an automatic.  It is kind of like a tradition in our family for the girls to all drive manual.  I can’t wait to teach Emma Grace one day!

* I can’t sit still.  Not even to watch a movie or TV.  If I’m sitting it is either because I’m doing something else or I’m sleeping.

Blogs that Inspire Me and

My Nominations for The Beautiful Blogger Award


Awesome DIY projects to make your house gorgeous!

Craftiness Is Not Optional

Jess has the best dressed and CUTEST little girls ever and I wish I had time to make every one of her patterns

Finding Fabulous

Best round ups of the coolest DIY projects on the web and the Frugalicious Friday Linky Parties are the best way to get inspired!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Survivor

Rachel also survived HG just like I did.  She writes to encourage other women who are struggling with HG !  Mommy Strong!


Dana’s sewing tutorials are amazing and all of her recipes will make you want to go running to the kitchen…right after you finish sewing of course!


Inspires me every day to pull my camera out and capture the moments with my kiddos that I can never forget!

Owen’s Olivia

I stumbled upon Owen’s beautiful nursery (which I featured here) but became a big fan when I quickly realized that Nancy and I love all the same things!

Shwin & Shwin 

Best children’s clothing patterns and tutorials EVER!

Spearmint Baby/Kitchen/Wedding/Decor

My obsession started with the best nursery photos around and then grew with the rest of the Spearmint family to fill my tummy with yummy recipes and my house stylish!

Teal and Lime

I love following Jackie’s journey of making her home over with modern DIY projects!  The colors she uses in home make me swoon!!


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award! :: Inspiration Wednesday

  1. Amber, thanks for saying such nice things about us! I am the opposite of you, I can only drink diet coke, not pepsi, and not regular coke… and it too has to be ice cold! I too only wear my wedding rings and a necklace. (If I put earrings in, they last about an hour before I take them off) I will definitely check out the other blogs you mentioned!

    • Well thank you guys again so much for the award! Oh yes you definitely have to check out all the blogs I mentioned. I’m sure a couple of them will come in handy soon for nursery design! 🙂

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