Emma Grace’s First Haircut

Unlike her big brother at her age Emma Grace has a TON of hair.  I love it!  It is this pretty light brown color but with a lot of blonde mixed in.  Her hair is thin and wispy.  So far no sign of curls…sigh…how can a baby have straight hair when both her Mommy and Daddy have crazy curly hair?   

That girl has a head full of hair and it was getting pretty unruly in the back.  It is almost to mullet status but for the moment it is only as unruly as a small family gathering…not quite a full-blown party yet! 🙂In order to get things back under control we figured it was time to go see our favorite hairdresser! When I was little my sister, Mom and I always went to go see her to get our hair “did” because you know that’s how we do!  She gave all of our babies their first haircuts so it was only fitting to bring in Miss Emma Grace in for hers.

She wasn’t quite sure what to think at first but sat there very quietly taking it all in.  I swear I have never seen her that still and quiet EVER…unless she is sleeping!

Are you ready for the best part?  You see as a mom to a boy the first time around I figured she needed her bangs needed a trim since they were in her eyes and maybe a little bit taken off in the back to even things out.  For the record my Momma who raised two girls also had mentioned my little girl might need a trim.
Oh but little did I know….she did not need a trim…just a hair bow to keep her hair out of her eyes.  My sweet hairdresser told me that if she trimmed up Emma Grace’s hair she would look like a boy!  So in order to keep my little girl looking sweet and girly we only had a couple tiny snips taken off the back.

So are you ready for an after shot???

Oh but you already have!  What you thought was her before shot was definitely her after.  Okay so now I know little girls don’t need trims as much as little boys.  In my defense I usually only get my hair cut twice a year so what do I know!  Well Emma Grace…looks like we have a little while longer to wait for your first “real” haircut!


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