Where The Wild Things Are Nursery Mood Board :: Nursery Tuesday

In my fashion design classes in college we were always making mood boards and concept boards for not only our own collections but other designers collections that inspired us as well.  It was a way to take an idea, an intangible thought and make it into something you could see, something you could visualize into reality.  On our boards we put together not only garment sketches but colors, fabrics and textures that inspired us.  Once I graduated, I spent several years working at a baby boutique where everyday I enjoyed designing unique nurseries for expecting parents.  Together with our clients we would pick out every element of the room starting with the furniture, bedding, lighting, artwork and completing the space with accessories.  The other day I was reminded of how much I loved making moldboards and I thought it would be so much fun to mix in my passion for nursery design and bring you a new addition to Nursery Tuesdays…Nursery Mood Boards!  Are you excited?  Because I am!

I thought I would kick things off with sharing a nursery inspired by one of my favorite children’s books, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.  I’ve always loved this book and I feel like I have read it a million times as I’m sure most parents have!  The book’s illustrations are beautiful and help bring the story to life.  The mix of textures in the artwork and colors in the story are a great starting point to a unique nursery.  By mixing muted earthy tones and natural elements any nursery would become a  sweet retreat.

Where The Wild Things Are Nursery Moodboard by jRoxDesigns

1. “Where The Wild Things Are” Nursery Print by Olive and Birch on Etsy  – 2. Sparrow Crib by Oeuf – 3. Braided Storage Collection by West Elm – 4. Birch Lamp by Stanton Home Furnishings  – 5. – Sparrow 3 Drawer Dresser by Oeuf – 6. Wild Things Crown by Oeuf – 7. Sparrow Nightstand by Oeuf – 8. “Where The Wild Things Are” Story Mobile by A Continual Lullaby on Etsy – 9. Personalized Story Blocks by Personalized Blocks on Etsy – 10. Luca Glider by Monte Design

Recommended Behr Premium Plus Paint Colors :

Golden Chalice (360D-5) and Moss Landing (410-D)


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