DIY Vintage Sun Drop Pallet Sign

Vintage Sun Drop Sign by jRoxDesignsIf you are ever at my house we have a little mini fridge in the garage that houses all of our beverages of choice.  There is usually some collection of different types of beer at least a case of Pepsi (for me!) and the rest is usually filled to the brim with Sun Drop.  You see my husband has what we call…well there is no way to sugar coat it…he has an OBSESSION with Sun Drop.  For those of you not from the South think Mountain Dew on a sweetened sugar caffeine high!  It is a pretty popular drink on the Carolina coast but not as popular the farther inland you go.  I have memorized every store and gas station in our area that sells it.  The convenience store across from Jeremy’s work actually only sells it because of how often he stops by for a 20 oz.  One day when I went to get him one at the same store, the clerk says “Oh not many people buy this drink usually it is just for one guy who comes in all the time.” I laughed quite hard as I told him that the “guy” he was talking about was actually my husband and the drink in my hand was for him.  Sun Drop is like the 5th person in our family and I jokingly tell my sister I knew her husband was the one when I found out that he loves Sun Drop too.  So when Jeremy’s birthday came around I thought it would be pretty cool to make him a vintage Sun Drop sign to hang up in his workshop.

I started out with some wood from a pallet my Dad salvaged from the dumpster behind his work (thanks Dad!).  I took all the pieces apart and used two of the pieces to make vertical supports on the backside as a base.  I did leave a couple of the nails in the wood that were tricky to get out but I felt like they added a little bit of character to the piece.  Once I got all the pieces nailed together I gave the sign a good sand down to get all the nasty junk off so that I would have a good clean surface to paint on.

Vintage Sun Drop Sign by jRoxDesigns

To go along with his sign Jake and I decided to throw him a big Sun Drop surprise party!  I picked up all sorts of green, yellow and red goodies to decorate the house with including some glass bottles of Sun Drop that I picked up from our local farmer’s market.  There is this one vendor who sells all sorts of candy and treats and they have a big old metal cooler out front that they sell glass bottles of soda in.  I also sweet talked them into saving me all of their Sun Drop shipping boxes that had the logo on the outside to decorate the house in too.  They were pretty cool!

Okay back to the sign…one of the hardest parts was picking out the logo and colors.  You see over the many years since Sun Drop has been around they have changed their logo and their colors quite a few times.  The newest logo is very bright and a little over the top while the older logos don’t have as much green and one of the original logos doesn’t even have yellow in it!  So hard to choose!  Phew!  I finally decided to pick one based on a good combination of colors that would look good and would be easy to paint.  So I picked up one of my glass bottles and headed over to Home Depot to pick out paint.  By now everyone knows how much I love Behr paint and one of my favorite things is that they sell sample sizes that are perfect for projects like this!  I picked up a sample of each of my colors and a couple of cheap brushes and headed home.

I started off by painting the base coat on the sign which was a combination of two shades of green.

Vintage Sun Drop Sign by jRoxDesigns

I started with the darker of the two and then moved to the lighter color to give the sign some depth.  You see some of the nails I left behind?  I kind of like them!

For this project I used cheap hard bristle brushes.  I have a large selection of really nice brushes but it was kind of fun to just break out some cheap brushes and get messy.  By using a hard bristle brush I was able to get visible brush strokes and uneven coverage which gave me a nice “vintage” look.

Vintage Sun Drop Sign by jRoxDesigns

Before I started painting I took the image I wanted, scaled it to size and make a couple of edits in Photoshop.  I then printed it off and taped each section together to give me a template.

Vintage Sun Drop Sign by jRoxDesigns

Starting with the bottom layer of yellow droplets I taped off each section with painter’s tape and then traced each droplet using my template.  I then took a small craft knife and cut out each section.  A couple of times Jake put the paint on too thick but a little fine mist spray of water from a spray bottle took care of the problem.  The water thinned out the paint and gave us sparser coverage.  After the yellow layer dried I sanded down the newly painted spots and moved on to the next layer.

I repeated masking off each layer and sanding in between to keep the “worn” look.  Lastly I used a white paint pen to highlight the text and the edges of the droplets.

Vintage Sun Drop Sign by jRoxDesigns

There she is sitting pretty in the workshop!  I LOVE how it turned out!  I think Jeremy liked it too and I really enjoyed being able to work on a big project together with Jake.  I love the idea of mixing fun bright colors with worn wood.  I can’t wait to show you another pallet project I just finished up too!


5 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Sun Drop Pallet Sign

  1. Nice job keeping a vintage look for the sign. I bet using that technique made it harder and more time consuming than if you’d just taped & painted. What a great recycling idea. Maybe you could do a Pepsi sign for your mom.

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