Spoonflower’s Open House and the Opening of The Greenhouse!


This weekend I had the most amazing opportunity to drop by Spoonflower’s Open House! Not only did I get a behind the scenes tour of their new office but I was able to hang out in their new space called The Greenhouse where the Spoonflower community can come to learn together through events, classes and crafting socials!  For a fabric obsessed girl like me it was pretty much heaven! For those of you who are new here I went to school for textiles where I learned every aspect of the textile industry from the initial design, to manufacturing, marketing and sales. I basically spent four years playing with fabrics, designing and having fun while receiving a degree from one of the best textile colleges in the world.  Having the opportunity to tour their offices was almost like being in school all over again.  Spending the afternoon there is making me want to go back and get my Master’s degree.  Okay now that you know WHY I love Spoonflower so much let me tell you the company itself.


Spoonflower started in 2008 with two printers and big ideas of allowing anyone and everyone to design and print their own fabric.  Before Spoonflower if you wanted to print your own fabric you had to find a manufacturer who was willing to print your fabric and then make an initial minimum order of hundreds or thousands of yards of fabric.  Not the ideal situation for someone who just wanted to have a custom printed set of curtains or a new bag with their own printed design.  Now with Spoonflower you can design and print anything you can imagine onto one of their 12 different types fabrics.  You can buy as little as a fat quarter or as many yards as you want!  If you design your own fabric you can even order test swatches before you place your final order to make sure your colors are perfect.  You know how much I love color so I fell in love with this chair in their front room that showcases their printed colors.  Even if you’re not into designing your own fabric their marketplace has endless designs for your to order yourself!


Last month they introduced wallpaper and wall decals and I learned this weekend gift wrap will be available just in time for the holidays!  How cool is that?  I’m thinking some little kiddos may need personalized wrapping paper for Christmas!

So what happens when you order fabric from Spoonflower?

Your order is sent to one of their digital ink-jet printers which use eco-friendly water-based inks.  The process is very similar to you printing something off of your printer at home.  Each of their 20 printers can print on any of their 12 available fabrics.


Once your design has been printed the fabric is then heat set on a separate machine.  This process sets the inks so that your design will not fade or bleed.  Think of it like if you had a stain on your shirt and you ironed it.  The heat sets that stain into your shirt and you will never be able to get it out, so always make sure have got any stains out of your clothes before you iron!  (Your welcome for your laundry tip of the day 🙂 )  Heat setting your design is basically the same concept.  By adding heat your fabric stays looking brand new and ensures a high quality finish.


Once your fabric is heat set it is then sent to the cutting department where each order is checked for flaws or imperfections.  Once the fabric passes inspection it is then cut and is ready to be shipped.  Spoonflower_Greenhouse_Open_House_November_2012

Any orders that are waiting to be completed are placed in cubbies while the rest of the order is being printed.  Is it silly I loved looking at the cubbies because all you could see is hundreds of designs and so many beautiful colors?  Once your order is complete your fabrics are packaged up and shipped directly to your home!


Have you ever ordered anything from Spoonflower before?  If you remember back I designed a custom fabric for Emma Grace’s one year photo for her photo project.  I still have to figure out something to make for her using the fabric.  I have a couple of fun ideas but I still haven’t decided yet.  I’ve also started designing a couple new fabrics for some Christmas presents.  I can’t wait to share them with you guys!

 I had a great time and if you live in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area you definitely need to stop by for a tour sometime or make sure you are signed up to get updates about events at The Greenhouse.  I honestly can’t wait to attend some of their classes and meet lots of great new people.  Thank you to the wonderful staff at Spoonflower for a great afternoon!


3 thoughts on “Spoonflower’s Open House and the Opening of The Greenhouse!

  1. I’ve used Spoonflower before and finally stopped in there last winter. They were in the middle of a big meeting so we couldn’t even go inside…and, of course, the Greenhouse wasn’t set up then. So you’ve made me know I just must stop by again!
    And now, of course, I can’t remember how I got to your blog, but I will be back!

    • Oh now that they are in their new offices you have to stop by, I had such a great time. I’m so glad you found us! Feel free to sign up for email updates or keep up with us on Facebook too!

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