Editing Newborn Photos :: Inspiration Wednesday

Learning how to take great pictures sure is a journey!  I finally feel like I am understanding all the different aspects of my camera and I am really starting to feel comfortable with shooting in manual mode.  A couple of weeks back I shared with you some of my favorite visual cheat sheets for shooting in manual mode.  Now the second part of a great picture is effective editing.  That is the part where I struggle.  I’m a pro when it comes to using Adobe Illustrator but I’m still learning with Photoshop.  They have quite a few things that are similar but they are basically ENTIRELY different!  Most of the editing that I do right now is in iPhoto and I’m really comfortable there, which is okay for 90% of what I do at this point.  One of my goals I have set for myself is to start booking photo shoots in the upcoming months and in order to give my clients the best photos I can I want to become a pro in Photoshop!  I have a whole board on Pintrest for photography tips and tricks that I have collected (follow me here!) but up until recently they have been just sitting there staring me in the face.  So today I’m getting things done!  I did a newborn shoot for a very close friend of mine whose baby boy I adore!!  I’m seriously late getting his photos edited (partly because he did get to stay with me 5 days a week for quite a few weeks while Momma went back to work for a while) and  I’m learning all sorts of things along the way.  Today I thought I would share with you some of the most helpful tutorials I’ve found so far!

How to Brighten Skintones in Photoshop by Polished Picture

Polished Picture

Take A Photo Like A Pro by Jessica Drew Photography

Jessica Drew Photography

Newborn Editing Workflow from Arden Prucha

Arden Prucha Photography on iHeartFaces.com

Tutorial:: Editing a Newborn by Morgan Kervin Photography

Morgan Kervin Photography

Do you have any go to tutorials that you love?  Share them with us!


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