Emma Grace Is 15 Months Old!

Emma Grace is 15 Months Old!

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Just like last month I kind of had a hard time choosing my favorite photo so I thought I would share some outtakes with you!  Enjoy!

Before we got started she had to make sure that she was thoroughly hydrated!

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 15 Months Outtakes copyright 2012

Once she finished her milk she was ready to smile pretty!

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 15 Months Outtakes copyright 2012

But since she is FINALLY WALKING she decided she needed to be standing this time.

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 15 Months Outtakes copyright 2012

But soon she became bored and decided to sing a little song.

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 15 Months Outtakes copyright 2012

Then big brother comes along and he has something for you  to play with…a LEAF!!!  (P.S.  I don’t just have leaves hanging out in the house we have been taking monthly pictures outside…more on that another day)

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 15 Months Outtakes copyright 2012

I’m not sure why but leaves are HILARIOUS!

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 15 Months Outtakes copyright 2012

Letters To Emma Grace :: 15 Months Old

Miss Emma Grace this month has been full of fun and great accomplishments!!  You are growing like a little weed!  Football season has finally come to an end which is a little bittersweet.  Both your big brother and your cousin have finished up their seasons which gives us more time to spend together at home but you LOVED going to practice!  You love being outside and playing in the grass and seeing all of your friends.  Although as soon as you would remember that Jakie was on the field playing you would take off after the boys screaming “BrahBrah!”  After spending four days a week for the past three months you too have developed a love for football!  I promise you this…when you get old enough Mommy will let you play flag football (p.s. Don’t let anyone tell you that football is a boy’s sport there is the sweetest little girl on your cousin’s team this year and when Mommy was in high school our kicker was a girl!!!)

One of your favorite things to do this month is play in the studio with Mommy.  You seem to be bored of all the toys I have up here for you.  You would much rather go through all of my drawers of ribbon, take out my spools of thread and wear the plain foam covered headbands that are in a bucket right at your level.  A soon as you hear the sewing machine go you insist on sitting in my lap and helping me by pressing all the buttons while I sew.  I kind of regret having a machine where the backstitch button is so easily accessible for little hands.

Your naps are all over the place this month!  Sometimes you want your morning nap and other mornings you REFUSE to lay down.  Afternoon naps are still a fun time…again when you feel like taking them.  Sometimes you sleep for two hours and sometimes its three.  Let’s just say you are much happier when you choose a three-hour nap!  Some mornings you just like to hang out and talk to yourself instead of take a nap which is fine by me.  Although when you are jumping up and down in your bed and you loose your blankie you become very sad.

I love walking in and seeing those little feet hanging out between the slats.  You crack me up!

Snack time is a very serious time for you!  You still love your bananas and cereal every morning for breakfast but you do like to mix it up with some banana oatmeal on occasions.  Mommy made some zucchini bread the other week and you LOVE to snack on a piece or two in the morning.  Hey it’s vegetables right?  You have found a love for Ahma’s lasagna and of course Ahma’s noonoles (it’s really called pesto but your cousin loves calling it Ahma’s noonoles so now we all do).  Who could forget that you try to raid the cabinet EVERY time you go to Ahma’s house.  As soon as I put you down on the floor you take off to find your Spider Man cereal.  Although you become very upset when Mommy says your done and I take them away from you.

I try to make sure you eat healthy and you really are a pretty good eater.  The only problem is when Daddy decides to spoil you a bit.  It’s okay to have a tasty snack every once in a while…those Munchos are pretty good huh?

You had your 15 month check up this past week and I am so proud to report that you are now officially “advanced” for your age!  Even though you are stubborn and choose to do things on your own time you have now officially passed where you are supposed to be developmentally at your age.  The appointment went well and your doctor was very proud of your growth and achievements this month!  While we waited you realized there was a window behind those pesky curtains and of course like always you insisted that I pull up the blinds so you could see outside!

Your biggest accomplishment of this past month….YOU ARE FINALLY WALKING!!!  On the 25th (right before your 15 month check up deadline!)  you finally decided you wanted to walk…to the dishwasher.  And then you tried it again…to the refrigerator…and then again…to the coffee table. So we tried to get you to walk to Mommy…nooope!  How about Daddy?  That was a big negative!  Your walking skills have gotten pretty good over the last week.  This morning I put you down and you took about eight steps towards me to give me a hug….ohhh my heart melts!  We have waited so long for you to walk and I’m so proud of you!  The only thing is that you look so grown up when you are standing.  That is going to take some getting used to.

Oh and you now have an obsession with this hoodie that you snatched off the shelf at Target and wouldn’t give it back to me, but at 70% off I couldn’t say no.  You do have very good taste.  I don’t know why but every time you wear it you have to have the hood on and you spend the whole day playing with the zipper.  Zippers require deep concentration!

This has been a great month and you have learned so much!  From walking to learning how to open the refrigerator door all by yourself to get your zippy cup out.  You’ve learned how to climb down the stairs all by yourself (Even though I am always one step below you it still makes Mommy VERY nervous but Ahma says you should learn how to do it the right way!)

Your looks are changing every day.  Can I kind of say that I’m excited that you are looking more and more like me?  After having your brother who looks nothing like me I’m kind of happy to finally have a child who at least sort of resembles me!  Your hair is getting so long and I love how sweet you look with your hair hanging over those big blue eyes.  Sweet girl you are going to be a heartbreaker!  Just remember Daddy says no dating until you are 25 and Mommy says don’t even think about getting away with anything because chances are….I already tried it!



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