Fall Wreath Makeover :: Fall Bucket List Check Off!

This week is all about what we crossed off our Fall Bucket List before we jump into Christmas next week!  Fall always seems to get short changed because everyone always thinks about December as Winter BUT the last day of Fall this year is actually not until December 20th!  So there is still time to download your very own copy of our Fall Bucket List!

I love wreaths!  I get made fun around my house because I seem to have quite a few wreaths for different times of the year and for special occasions.  I just think a wreath makes our entryway more welcoming!  A couple years ago I tried to make my own version of this wreath which I shared with you last week on Inspiration Wednesday.

Burlap Wreath on Darris and Shawn

When I first made the wreath it looked AWESOME!  Once Winter came I carefully put it away for the next year but unfortunately it didn’t fair as well in storage as I had hoped.  The burlap had creased where it was supposed to be softly folded.  So I took it apart, ironed the burlap, put it back together and I had a pretty wreath again.  Unfortunately this is what it looked like when I pulled it out this year.

Whomp whomp!  Why do you look so sad little wreath?  How about a different angle?  Nope I hate to say it but you still look pretty bad.

Last year I had an idea that maybe I could make it a bit more fluffy by putting beads in-between the folds.  Which worked well but the burlap kept moving around so I had to keep fixing it which became a big PAIN!

I bet you didn’t even notice the cute little flowers that were on the bottom did ya?  I loved the idea of the burlap and the flowers but it became pretty clear to me this year that I needed to update it.

Being the cheap person that I am I didn’t want to have to go buy another wreath form   Then I remembered seeing on Pintrest how people had used pool noodles to make a wreath form!  Oh yes I had three of them stashed in my closet from this summer.  Score!  I put some fast drying tacky glue on the ends and then added some duct tape and I was set!

** UPDATE:  A couple days later part of the noodle pulled apart under the duct tape so I had to go back and re-glue and re-tape the noodle.  I found that by placing two pieces of tape from one end of the noodle to the other in a criss-cross pattern gave the noodle more staying power than just going around in one direction.  Anyone else have the same problem?**

So, I took the old wreath apart and started at one end and began to wrap the old strips of burlap around the form.  Since I reused my original burlap strips they were anywhere from 2″ to 4″ wide.  If I was to start fresh and cut new strips for this project 3″ would probably be perfect.

Then there were my pretty flowers!  Originally I had put hair clips on the back of them so that they could be removed or changed to another wreath later on if I wanted to.  Boy am I glad I did that or else I would have had to make new ones.

The type of clip I used actually works great for burlap because you just pick a spot and squeeze it in-between the spaces and it holds great!

And that was it!  Ta da!  It probably only took me 10 minutes to do!  I love a quick and easy project.

The flowers are still one of my favorite parts.  I just love all of the different colors in the plaid.  They are so festive for Fall!

I didin’t have any more of the plaid fabric to make more flowers so I just decided to stay with the original three that I had.  If I was starting the project from scratch I would probably have added a couple more flowers to fill some space.

Instead to add a bit more interest I made my wreath hanger out of two different ribbons rather than one.  I pulled the blue and the orange out to match the flowers and I couldn’t help but smile because they are also my high school colors!

So there she is!  A new simple, pretty wreath to dress up the front door for Fall!

How do you usually dress up your entryway to great your guests?  Do you like to add fresh flowers or plants?  Maybe a welcome sign or a wreath like me?  Share with us!

Psst…you can still download your own copy of our Fall Bucket List here!


4 thoughts on “Fall Wreath Makeover :: Fall Bucket List Check Off!

  1. Looks cute! I think there is something about burlap that makes it not keep well. I made a wreath last year, too, and it looks like crap this year! love your new wreath though!

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