Fall Football :: Fall Bucket List Check Off!

Here is the South we are very passionate about a lot of things, like sweet tea, southern hospitality, Bojangles (if you do not know what I am talking about immediately find the location closest to you or ask for someone to overnight you some chicken and pray that it is still warm once you get it!) and FOOTBALL!  Around here we start our kids off with a football in their hand as soon as they are born and once they are four it is off to flag football!  Growing up my sister and I never missed a high school game and I was even crazy enough to be a glorified water girl for my middle school team (hey what can I say my best friend and I liked the cute boys!)

This year was Jake’s third year playing tackle and let me tell you this boy LOVES football!  He moved up an age bracket this year so he was back to being the youngest guy on the team again but that has never stopped him!

I know he is supposed to be a tough football player but I can’t help but love that sweet face of his!

From August through October he practiced 2 hours a night, three nights a week and that was after he completed twenty hours of conditioning within two weeks!  Every Saturday my whole family would come out to support Jake.  The beaming smile on his face every time he would turn around and see us all was priceless!

This year he was able to play on both offense and defensive lines.  He loves offense but that boy LOVES to tackle!

No matter what it didn’t matter how many times he got caught up by the other team he would play tough through every play.

What really made this year great was of course the awesome line up of coaches!  Our team had eight coaches which was the maximum we were allowed to have and with only 24 boys they each got a lot of one on one time.

We even had the cutest dance team this year!  I hate to say it but most of the boys didn’t pay them much attention.  The girls were so sweet though!!

Jake of course had his own personal little cheerleader.  Emma Grace watched him the entire season and wanted nothing more than to go play on the field with her big brother.  She would scream to him from the sidelines.  She thinks the world of him!

This year we bought Jake a pair of awesome yellow cleats so that we could pick him out easily on the field!  Let me tell you that was the best money I have spent in a long time.  All you had to do was take a quick look on the field and scan across the ground until you found him.  I LOVE those cleats!

The referees always cracked me up.  They always seemed to keep their cool even when a coach or a team mom on occasion became confrontational!  Good job refs!

The best part of this year’s football season?  We now have TWO boys to cheer on!  My little nephew turned four this year and guess what that means?  It’s flag football time!  He has grown up surrounded by football since he was a baby.  Between all of his cousins football games and watching Jake he has been waiting for his time to shine!

He was one lucky boy because with his Daddy as a coach there was always someone to help him out when he would forget to tighten his belt and loose his flags!

This little man has got some serious moves!  He scored more touchdowns this season than I can even keep up with!  He was born to play football!

I’m so proud of both of my boys this year for how well they did.  More importantly they both had so much fun and learned a lot.  I can’t wait for next year!

Psst…you can still download your own copy of our Fall Bucket List here!


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