Sparkle the Elf Has Arrived!


We have a new house guest for the holiday season!

Last week Santa dropped by our house while the children were fast asleep to bring a new friend!  Jake had been talking about how a couple of his friends had elves that stayed at their homes during the holidays and he wanted to know why we didn’t have one at our home.  Well, earlier this month Mommy had written a note to Santa telling him how much it would really mean to Jake to have one of his very special elves come and stay with us and Santa said “Of course!”


Santa left a story book and a letter to Jake telling him about how he never sent an elf to our home before because he knew that Jake was always on his best behavior and that he never feared he would be on the naughty list.  He went on to tell Jake that now that he is a big brother he has to teach his baby sister all about the magic of Christmas and the importance of always being good!  It didn’t take Jake long to decide on the perfect name for her…Sparkle!  So far she is settling in nicely and seems to be having lots of fun.  We can’t wait to share with you all of her adventures this Christmas!

Day 1:

On Sparkle’s first day with us she was a little shy and we found her hiding behind the ornaments on the mantle!


Day 2:

Now known as “Sparkle the Seamstress Elf” it only took her one day to settle in and feel comfortable enough to make herself a new skirt!  Pretty stylish if you ask me!  If your elf is in need of a little style stay tuned later this week when I’ll give you a tutorial on how I’m sure Sparkle made her skirt!


Day 3:

Uh oh!  Sparkle is at it with the scissors again.  Jake wasn’t quite sure what to do when he woke up!


Day 4:

It must have been a late night last night because Sparkle brought home chocolate sprinkle donuts and put out the hot chocolate for us this morning!


Follow all of Sparkle’s shenanigans on Instagram at #jroxdesignselfontheshelf


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