Emma Grace Is 16 Months Old!

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As always I have to include some outtakes! This month we took our photos right after the arrival of Sparkle the Elf  and Emma Grace was very excited about her new book!  Although with a short attention span we busted out the plastic ornaments pretty quick to keep her entertained!

Be prepared for a photo bomb this month!  Except you will have to excuse the fact that I think every photo is from my iPhone!

Letters To Emma Grace

16 Months Old

Miss Emma Grace this month has been so busy and so much fun!  Your day to day routine is still pretty much the same as it has been for the last couple months.  You wake up at around 9:30 or 10 (which your Mommy LOVES!) and we hang out for a couple of hours playing before you take about a 3 hour nap and then its more fun play time and after dinner you are tucked in sound asleep by 8:30.  You still LOVE to sleep and you know what?  That is fine by me!  Mommy likes her sleep too!  You even sleep just like me on your tummy with your legs pulled up underneath you.  You still only really like to sleep in your own crib but lately you have taken a couple of good naps at Ahma and Papa’s like a champ!
You will never sleep in the car so when you do it is usually because you have skipped your nap!  Your brother on the other hand will pass after 10 minutes in the car even in the middle of the day!
I love to watch you sleep!  You are so sweet and quiet I can’t help but want to smother you with kisses!  When you are awake you are full of energy!  While Mommy works downstairs you are usually running laps around the kitchen with your stroller and whatever you can find to put in it.  In the last month you have also become a big fan of purses and bags!  If it has a handle you HAVE to carry it and place as many things in the bag as you can find.  I believe you have 4 bags on the handles of your stroller right now filled with everything from books, to receipts, to painters tape and even a couple of hair bows and maybe a sock or two! (Oh and you so learned how to say “ssssooock” yesterday!)
You are a very curious little girl and you want to know how everything works.  You will typically only take a second or two to observe something before you quickly rush right into getting your hands dirty.  When we get ready in the morning I usually let you get down and play around our bedroom while I get dressed.  By the time I’ve gotten dressed and made the bed it will typically take me another 10 minutes to clean up everything you have taken out!  Whether its my shoes out of the closet or all of Daddy’s socks out of his drawer or even every last piece of my make up.  I don’t mind though because it means you are exploring and learning all sorts of new things!
You love to help!  The past month you have really started to show an interest in helping and following directions from Mommy.  You love to throw things in the trash, pick up your own toys, shut doors and put things away!  Your Daddy also taught you how to blow your nose which is too funny!  You will actually go to the bathroom rip off a square of tissue blow your nose and then throw the tissue away in the trash.  Girl!  You crack me up!  You also love to hold things for me and give them big hugs (which is really cute except for the people at Home Depot look at me weird when a toddler is hugging spray paint and paint chips!)  Did  I mention you will finally give out kisses and big squeezy hugs to us when we ask?!  It melts my heart!  You have never been one to cuddle so to sweet little kiss or a BIG hug makes me sooo happy!
Oh and just like always you are a crazy eater!  Your favorites are lasagna, chill, tortellini, eggs, dinny blinnies, cheese and of course cereal as you can see from your favorite spot at Ahma’s house!  This is the face you made at her when you realized she had a plate of cookies.  Did I mention with the holidays you have had way too many cookies than any toddler should ever have? Ah, it’s okay to spoil you on occasion but just don’t get used to it okay?  Oh and milk!  Oh my gosh you LOVE milk!  I specifically had to ask the pediatrician how much milk is too much for a kiddo your age…because if I let you…you would drink a gallon of milk a day!
I know this next month is going to go by so fast with everything going on.  I wish I could slow down time and be able to savor every last second of life with you and Jakie but I know I can’t.  So until Mommy can figure it out I’m just going to keep loving every second I can with you!



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