A Day of Prayer and Remembrance for Sandy Hook Elementary


Memorial Art by TheTomKat Studio

No matter how many times I have started to try to write these words they just wouldn’t come out.  It’s because there are no words to try to describe what happened to those twenty sweet and innocent children and the six heroic educators who’s lives ended tragically way before their time.  Every night I tuck both of my children in twice.  The first time we say goodnight when they are still awake and can hear me tell them how much I love them and we give each other kisses night night.  They don’t know it but again every night before I go to bed I lay down on Jake’s bed to cuddle him for a few moments before whispering “I love you” and giving him another kiss on the cheek.  Every night I sneak into Emma Grace’s nursery while she is fast asleep to cover her back up with her blankets and rub her head while I whisper “I love you.”  Friday night just like every night I tucked them both into bed once but I couldn’t find the strength to leave their rooms after telling them goodnight a second time.  All I could think of is the parents who kissed their children goodbye on the way to school Friday morning never knowing it would be the last time they would see their sweet smiles.  It is just too hard to comprehend.  I sat in the hallway and cried for the longest time.  I cried and I prayed trying to make sense of it all.  But I can’t.  I don’t think I ever will.  All we can do is pray and do our best as a Nation to show support for the city of Newtown and compassion for every person affected by this horrible tragedy.  So, today along with many of my fellow bloggers we are all taking the day to pray for those families, remember those lives that were lost and focus on how precious the gift of life really is.  I hope you will join us in saying an extra prayer today and never taking life for granted.  Tell those nearest to you how much you love them.  Tell them how they mean the world to you.  Never let a day go by where you don’t live as it was your last.  Life your life to the fullest with no regrets.  Love like there is no tomorrow.  Cherish life.



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