Sparkle the Elf’s Adventures Continue!

Sparkle the Elf continues to bring joy and laughter to our house every day!  Come check out what she has been up to this week!

Day 5:

Sparkle got dressed up for dinner!  Can you find her?  It took Jake half the day to find her!

Sparkle The Elf Day5

Day 6:

Sparkle decided it was time to do some Christmas cookie baking so she brought out all the ingredients to make our favorites!

Sparkle The Elf Day6

Day 7:

Silly Sparkle…zip lines are for OUTSIDE!

Sparkle The Elf Day7

Day 8:

Sparkle couldn’t wait for Jake to get home after a night away!

Sparkle The Elf Day8

Day 9:

There is nothing quite like some ice-cold strawberry milk!

Sparkle The Elf Day9

Day 10:

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?  Not Sparkle!

Sparkle The Elf Day10

Day 11:

Uh oh!  It appears someone had a little too much fun last night!

Sparkle The Elf Day11

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