I’m Baacck! And Christmas Day Festivities!

I’m baaacckkkk!!!  Did you miss me??  I missed each and every one of you!  I have to confess that by the middle of December I was in over my head with Christmas orders and found myself needing to concentrate on finishing them up and trying to spend what extra time I had with my family.  I know it’s been awhile since I last checked in but I’m so thankful that you are all still here and I promise I have tons of fun tutorials coming up so you better stick around!  We had family in town until yesterday so I do believe that it is time to get back to normal posting again.  Christmas is always such a fun time in our house and I thought I would share a few photos from this year’s craziness with you today!

After telling her “No! Put that back!” for almost a month, Emma Grace was so excited to finally be able to rip open those presents!


Mommy did help a little bit!



You see there was the four of us, my Mom and Dad, my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, Grandpa and this year my cousin came to join us!  With all eleven of us the gift giving festivities went on for ever!  Did I mention this pile was just my brother-in-law’s and a small portion of Emma Grace’s pile?


This little guy was so excited!  He had been counting down for weeks!


The best part of Christmas day is just being able to spend time with the family and not having to worry about anything.


Having four generations under one roof is a pretty amazing thing!


As parents some of the best gifts we can get is something handmade from our babies!


We all got plenty of new fashionable clothes.


Emma Grace even got some new hot shoes to go with her furry vest!


And every little girl needs a pair of pink boots too!


Jake got one heck of a cool new bike!


Thank goodness I still have some time before I have to add a certain someone to my phone plan.


There were so many reasons to smile! Sometimes it was a new doll..


…or tickets to a game


…or maybe that oscillating edge belt/spindle sander you have been asking for for the last three years.


I am so thankful that I have been blessed with the most amazing family.


Did you all have a fabulous holiday season?  Did you stay home or did you travel long distances to be with your families?



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