Sparkle the Elf 2012 Shenanigans Round Up!

Oh Sparkle!  You brought so much joy and laughter to our home this holiday season and we were so happy to have you with us.  We were sad to see you go but we know you will be back again next year.  I thought I would share all of your adventures today with my readers to enjoy.

For those of you who may have missed out I’ve included all of her adventures from this year but you can check out the last two mini round-ups here and here!

Day 1:

On Sparkle’s first day with us she was a little shy and we found her hiding behind the ornaments on the mantle!


Day 2:

Now known as “Sparkle the Seamstress Elf” it only took her one day to settle in and feel comfortable enough to make herself a new skirt!  Pretty stylish if you ask me!  If your elf is in need of a little style stay tuned later this week when I’ll give you a tutorial on how I’m sure Sparkle made her skirt!


Day 3:

Uh oh!  Sparkle is at it with the scissors again.  Jake wasn’t quite sure what to do when he woke up!


Day 4:

It must have been a late night last night because Sparkle brought home chocolate sprinkle donuts and put out the hot chocolate for us this morning!


Day 5:

Sparkle got dressed up for dinner!  Can you find her?  It took Jake half the day to find her!

Sparkle The Elf Day5

Day 6:

Sparkle decided it was time to do some Christmas cookie baking so she brought out all the ingredients to make our favorites!

Sparkle The Elf Day6

Day 7:

Silly Sparkle…zip lines are for OUTSIDE!

Sparkle The Elf Day7

Day 8:

Sparkle couldn’t wait for Jake to get home after a night away!

Sparkle The Elf Day8

Day 9:

There is nothing quite like some ice-cold strawberry milk!

Sparkle The Elf Day9

Day 10:

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?  Not Sparkle!

Sparkle The Elf Day10

Day 11:

Uh oh!  It appears someone had a little too much fun last night!

Sparkle The Elf Day11

Day 12:

Sparkle decided to reuse the potty paper from the previous nights shenanigans to decorate the tree!

Day 12

Day 13:

“Don’t 4get 2 floss! XOXO Sparkle”

Day 13

Day 14:

Thank goodness for Sparkle!  She decided to finally finish decorating for Christmas since Mommy has been slacking!

Day 14

Day 15:

Excuse me Sparkle but where did you think your going with those presents?  And are you sure you have a license to drive that dump truck!

Day 15

Day 16:

Sparkle decided to bust out the crayons and do a bit of coloring last night!

Day 16

Day 17:

**GASP!** Sparkle set of a kissing booth (compliments of Living Locurto!) complete with mistletoe!  I don’t think the Star Wars mini figs realized she was just handing out chocolate peppermint kisses!

Day 17

Day 18:

A sad day!  Sparkle flew home with Santa tonight but not before she left a goodbye letter to the kids and some special presents she made for Jake!  (He asked for some clothes for Christmas and since Sparkle is a seamstress elf he thought he would ask her if she could make them for him!  How sweet!)

Day 18

Did you keep up with Sparkle on Instagram at #jroxdesignselfontheshelf?  Well next time don’t miss a thing!  To see what kind of craziness is going on in our family and special behind the scenes sneak peaks follow us on Instagram at @jroxdesigns!


Want to see what kind of adventures Sparkle’s friends got into this Christmas?  Link up with me at Lil Blue Boo!



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