Emma Grace is 17 Months Old!


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As always I have to include some outtakes for your enjoyment!  Well it’s more like I just can’t delete all the other photos that didn’t make the final cut! 🙂


Since we shoot our monthly photos outside and it has been a little on the chilly side we decided to sport our new kitty cat hat from Gram and Papa Chuck for Christmas!


Isn’t it cute?



Oh, the distracting snack of the month was raisins!  Emma Grace is a sucker for those tasty little guys!

17_Months_Outakes5I may be biased but I think I have one ADORABLE little girl!

Who just may enjoy stealing tape and paint out of the workshop!  Hey little lady bring that back here!


Letters To Emma Grace

17 Months Old


This month as been a month of so much growth and learning.  You have found a new love of music which makes me such a happy Mommy!  You see music has always been a big part of my life.  Your Ahma even used to yell at me because she was a firm believer that there was no singing at the kitchen table!  Psst don’t tell her but sometimes when Daddy is at work and it is just you, me and Jakie for dinner we will turn on music…and there just may be a little bit of singing involved!  A couple of months ago you found your brother’s piano in his closet and played with it on occasion.  Then recently you proudly stole it out of his closet and found a new home for it in the corner of the kitchen.  Every morning you go and play on it.  You know how to turn it off and on, pick out a beat to dance to and even increase or decrease the tempo (your brother’s favorite thing to do!).  But sometimes you just like to play each key to hear all the different notes.  I can’t wait to teach you how to sing!  We always have music on in the house and in the car.  You love having dance parties in the kitchen with me.  This month you got the opportunity to show off all of your moves at Grandpa Lowell’s Christmas party!  You go girl!


In the beginning of the month we had so much fun marching in our local Christmas parade!  For some funny reason you were under the impression that the parade was for you and you waved at everyone as you passed them by…my favorite part…you also blew kisses to them all too!  You are too funny!  Before the parade started you and Jakie and Kyson had so much fun playing in the giant piles of leaves in the park!  You weren’t quite sure what to do with all of them!


Speaking of your favorite toys you are still obsessed with your brothers old camera! You insist on wearing it around the house around your neck all day long.  You even look through the viewfinder at things and then giggle to yourself.  If I could only figure out what was going through that little head of yours!  Your vocabulary is expanding every day (even though Daddy claims he never hears any of it!)  You can say mama, dada, mow (more), mih (milk) ahma, papa, brada (brother), zak (Auntie is still unhappy that you can say your cousin’s name and not hers!  Don’t worry Auntie we are working VERY hard on it!), sock, and we are working on shoe and shirt.  Although shirt needs a lot of work…at the moment it kind of sounds like a bad word!!!  The other funny thing, you see when you were about six months old I tried to teach you sign language so you could communicate with us.  You would always get so frustrated when we couldn’t figure out what you wanted.  Well I can officially say that at 17 months old you now know sign language.  I stopped using it months ago and then all the sudden over the past couple weeks you decided to start using “more” “all done” and “drink.”  Congrats baby girl!  You can now communicate with me not only with voice but your hands too! 🙂


In your spare time you enjoy reading a good book.  Your two favorites this month are Franklin (which you only read the last page and it’s always upside down!) and Olivia.  Thank goodness Santa brought you some new books to read!  Although you only like to read laying down in the kitchen or in your bedroom.  I wish you would let me hold you to read to you.  Jake and I used to read for hours together!  Until then I’ll just keep reading aloud to myself while you play with your toys!  Your brother is an amazing reader and I hope you grow up to be a good reader too.  Mommy has never been a good reader.  Just ask Ahma and Auntie.  They have lots of jokes about Mommy’s reading interests!


You have also found out how much fun it is to cook!  Whenever Mommy is in the kitchen you get out your bowls, pots, pans and spatulas to help cook too.  You also want to make sure that everyone is able to have a taste of your creations as well! Num num!


Whenever anything is in the oven you like to sit on the floor in front of the oven to watch it.  Sweet pea I hate to tell you the oven is not a TV and the chicken isn’t going to do anything exciting.  Maybe it’s from watching too many cupcakes rise?  Oops!  Maybe Momma should cut back on the baking!


Have I mentioned yet again this month how much you love your brother???  I still can’t believe I caught this little moment with my phone.  I turned around and couldn’t believe that you were actually giving him kisses and a hug!  I wish I had been able to get my camera faster because I would have taken this photo and blown it up all over the house!


You like to help brother with projects.  This month you helped him screw some parts of his photo frame he made at Home Depot’s Kids Workshop.  You also made all of the other adults nervous by holding on the screwdrivers and hammers while you flung them around in the air!  It’s okay, they just didn’t know you had been using a hammer and screwdriver since you were born.  It’s not their fault! 🙂


You are also a good sport when your brother decides he wants to decorate you for Christmas.  I can’t believe you actually let him hang all of these on your pants!  The best part…you were sad when I took them off so you could have your nap.


You and Daddy always like to get some fun play time in too!  For some reason your Daddy thought you needed a ride in a bucket!  You also love to go running into the workshop and swipe things off of the painting shelf like you saw in the outtakes from this month!!


Your smiles are priceless.  Those dimples are going to get you into a lot of trouble or out of a lot of trouble one day, however you want to look at it.


I just love to look into those pretty blue eyes of yours.  It’s crazy because I wish I could see the world the way you do.  As adults we often forget the little joys in life and take them for granted.  With you around you show me to take joy in the little things!  I love that about you.  Mommy is trying to do better at slowing down and taking time enjoy new things.  You see, you love unrolling all the toilet paper in the house and I’ve thought about it many times but I may have been a little bet jealous that Sparkle got to try it out before I could!  I can’t describe the feeling I get when you come running to me to give me a big kiss and a hug.  You are an amazing one of a kind little girl!


I love you!




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