Goals for 2013

Yes yes I know it’s already more than half way though January and I am just now getting to share my goals for 2013.  You see most people spend New Years Eve having a couple too many glasses of champagne and making crazy  resolutions that we all know you just aren’t going to keep.  So, this year I let the New Years Eve festivities get out of my system and I started seriously thinking about what I wanted to do this year to make my life better.  I have a couple of goals for not only my personal life but my business as well.


Shrimp and Grits

Meal Planning

Let me start off with saying…I’m so ashamed of it but I suck at planning dinners ahead of time and I suck at trying new meals.  Jeremy’s job is not a Monday through Friday 9-5 type of job so a lot of nights are spent having dinner with just the kids.  When Jake was younger he was a pretty picky eater so I just got lazy about making a real dinner for us.  Once Emma Grace started eating table foods with us I swore I was going to get better but I have been slacking off lately.  This year is going to be different!  My goal is to try at least one new recipe a week!  I have a lot of great, easy recipes but I need to expand my collection.  I’m going to hold myself accountable by sharing with you all the new recipes I try out!

Dress by Elle Apparel

Elle Apparel


Oh gosh again another embarrassing one!  Okay graduated from a Textile College and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Brand Management and Marketing.  Wanna know what one of my concentrations was?  …Fashion Development and Design.  Yes, my senior year I designed and developed an entire line that was in three fashion shows and it was awesome if I do say so myself!  Okay flash forward.  Right after I stopped working at my 9-5 job I got pregnant with Emma Grace – the next nine months was spent barely being able to get out of bed or off the couch every day because of my Hyperemesis.  Next couple months after that was trying to get back into shape and get back into my old clothes.  Well since then I’ve settled into what I call my comfy slump.  I wear the same style of clothes over and over because it’s whats comfy and it works for when I’m running around after a toddler at home.  But now I’m struggling to get back on track.  Trust me I have like absolutely nothing cute to wear outside of the house.  Now do you see why I’m struggling to figure out what to wear for our big photo shoot in a couple of weeks?  Eeekk!  At least I have an appointment to get my hair cut (since I haven’t had a trim in over a year..ahhhh!)  Baby steps in the right direction folks!

Laundry Nudists Sign by Livey Love Designs

Livy Love Designs on Etsy


2013 is off to a good start but in general…I’m such a slacker.  I always have clean clothes, it’s just the whole folding and putting away thing.  I do the laundry for all four of us and I swear every time I turn around Jake needs a clean pair of jeans or Emma Grace needs a clean blankey.  Because most of my clothes are hung up to dry I always find myself living off of the drying rack because I never get around to folding them.  It’s so annoying and I need to get better.  So far I’m doing pretty good but I need to keep this going!


2013 Printable Calendar by Ellinee


Planing Ahead

Most of my posts in the past have been sporadic and random in nature.  I usually write something and post it as soon as I’m finished, because I always wait until the last-minute.  I want to get on a schedule.  I want to be able to plan out my posts.  So far I have been planning out posts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  My thoughts are that they are all mostly non project posts like round ups or projects that I have already completed.  That way I am able to spend time with the family, work on new projects to share here on the blog but to also work on my other business work (yes, I run another business that takes up a BIG portion of my time during the week!)  I think planning everything out ahead of time is going to make me feel more relaxed and not so rushed all the time.  I’m hoping that this way I can make sure that every post is something you are going to LOVE!  Psst…I’m loving the free downloadable calendar from Ellinee that is keeping me organized!  Get your’s here

jRoxDesigns by jRoxDesigns on Etsy

jRoxDesigns Etsy Shop

Oh Etsy Shop…how I love you!  I jumped on the Etsy bandwagon a VERY long time ago (like 2008)…but I never put anything in the shop.  For the longest time I struggled with the “it’s just not good enough” mentality.  That is part of the reason I started this blog.  I strive to make my blog real – it’s not perfect – but it’s me.  I’ve gotten so much better about knowing when to let it go.  Knowing when to say “It’s not perfect but I love it and it is awesome!”  I have so many projects that I want to be able to make and offer in my shop.  I think my original frustration came from the fact that once I finally put a ton of things in the shop they didn’t sell as quickly as I wanted (or at all!) and I didn’t have as many visitors as I had hoped.  I had set unreal expectations for myself!  I need to be real!  Set real expectations!  Finish those projects!  Just do it!  So in 2013 I want to do my best to have awesome products and gifts in my shop and give it a nice cosmetic face lift!  Hold me accountable y’all!  If my inventory is getting low…tell me and demand more products!  Okay, but be nice about it please 🙂  Have something special you are looking for?  Email me and let me know and I would love to make you something extra special!  I would love for you to stop by and add my shop to your favorites.  I would really appreciate it!

Have you set goals for yourself for the New Year?  I would love to hear them!  Share them with us!  We can all keep each other accountable!



2 thoughts on “Goals for 2013

  1. Now that you’ve purged your conscience, all will be well for this New Year ! And don’t sweat not being perfect–I’m told at church there was just one person who was perfect….and reading of him in the Big Book I sometimes wonder about that !!

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