Valentine’s Day Garland

Are you ready for some more Valentine’s Day goodness?  I had so much fun making the little garland for my wreath last week that I wanted to make another one!Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

I just fell in love with the combination of the red and white fabric with the baker’s twine.  At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to say.  “Happy Valentine’s Day” just wasn’t quite cutting it for me.  Then it hit me…Amour Vincit Omnia.  It means Love Conquers All in Latin and it is the inscription on both Jeremy and my wedding rings.  We have been through a lot together and we always say that no matter what we can get through anything together.  As long as we have each other we can conquer anything!

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

Okay, okay but you have to let me be a little mushy, this is Valentine’s Day after all!

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

The garland itself wasn’t hard at all, it just took some time.  The first thing I did was figure about how long I wanted it.  I held the twine up across the fireplace and moved it around until I found the drape I liked the best.  Then I measured the twine, took  a couple of inches off the measurement for each end and then divided up that number by about how many flags I wanted.  I also made sure there was enough left over for space between each of the flags.

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

Once I had the correct width for my flags I cut several rectangles with different lengths.  I then tried cutting the bottom off each at different angles until I found which one I liked the best.

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

That is the best part about this project.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  You can do whatever you want!  I will admit I was a little bit lazy and instead of picking out the “perfect font”, cutting out paper, tracing onto fabric and then cutting out the fabric I simply ironed Heat n Bond on the back of the fabric and ran it through my Cricuit.  Yep I’m lazy!  Andddd it was so worth the time savings!

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

Remember how I showed you my creative way to hang my door wreaths?  Well the Command hook is back!  The garland is too heavy to be held up by tape and there is no way I’m putting push pins in my mantle, so I grabbed two hooks and hid them behind my vases.  No one will every know!  Except you…but don’t tell okay? 🙂

Valentine's Day Garland by jRoxDesigns

I don’t have much room to decorate my mantle because  of the big TV that takes up the entire wall.  So I just grabbed a couple of candles from around the house and ta-da!  My sweet mother in law also sent me a big package of Valentine’s Day goodies so I added in some of the boxes and stuffed my vases with red streamers.  Pretty simple and cute I think!



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