Emma Grace is 18 Months Old!

A little late posting this month but just as cute as ever in her Valentine’s Day outfit!

Monthly Photo Project by jRoxDesigns - 18 Months

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Letters To Emma Grace

18 Months Old

 You are my little princess!  Although I swore before you were born you would be the little girl dressed up in a tutu while playing in the garage with her Daddy.  Well guess what…you are just that a sassy, tough little lady!  Your Papa gave you a tiara for Christmas and you enjoy wearing it all the time.  Although you are quite funny when you throw a temper tantrum while you wear your tiara!  Unfortunately you have gotten to that age where you know exactly what you want but because you can’t get your point across to us you get very frustrated!  I learned from your dramatic big brother very well to let you just throw your little tantrum.  As long as you aren’t somewhere or doing something that can hurt yourself I just let you go.  Although you are quite funny when you stop for a moment and look around to make sure someone is paying attention! 

Your hair is finally long enough for pig tails!  At first Daddy thought you looked very silly but I think you look adorable!  It’s still not quite long enough to be able to pull all the way back so in the mean time little baby bows work perfect!  Oh and your blankey is still your best friend!  There is no way you will take a nap or go to bed at night without it.  The only thing that I don’t understand is that you shove as much of your blankey as you possibly can in your mouth and chew on it while you fall asleep.  But I don’t think you ever let go of it while you sleep so by the time you wake up it is soggy and NASTY!  Everyone may have laughed at me when I bought you two back up blankets but boy am I sure glad I did!

We went bowling this month with Ahma and Papa while Jakie went to a birthday party at the lanes and you had a fun time!  You were amazed at everything going on.  More than anything though you had the best time pushing the balls all around on the rack.  You are a very easily amused child!

Everyone has been sick this month!  I started off with some sniffly crud and ended up giving it to all of you.  You are completely pitiful when you are sick.  Your nose would not stop running. After being sick and tired of hearing the two of us screaming and crying every time I went to use the bulb syringe on your nose, Daddy taught you how to blow your own nose!  It was amazing!  When you feel your nose running you hurry to the bathroom where you tear off two squares of potty paper, blow your nose and then throw the paper away!  Even your doctor said he has seen four-year olds who struggle to blow their nose.  Good job baby girl!  You are so smart!

Although with your big brother’s history with colds settling into his lungs very quickly your doctor recommended to put you on albuterol breathing treatments as needed for a week.  It was so sad!  I’m sorry sweet girl but you were wheezing and we just had to do it!  At first you were completely against it but then Jake showed you how he takes a treatment and then you were a little more willing.  After the first two or three times you realized that you felt better after taking it and then you BEGGED me to give you a treatment.  You would bring me the box with your nebulizer, sit down in your rocker and try to strap on your mask by yourself.  I was so happy once you got better because seeing your sweet little self attached to the nebulizer broke my heart.  Your brother has spent so many years struggling to get his asthma under control strapped to that nebulizer I just pray that you don’t have to go through the same thing!

Emma Grace is 18 Months - copyright jRoxDesigns 2013

Speaking of your big brother…he is still your hero!  You ask for him and Daddy every morning when you wake up and are devastated when they aren’t there.  A couple of times this month I even heard you say Jakie!  You are trying and doing so good with your words!

Every week you love to try to “help” me fold laundry.  You are such a great helper because you pick up each individual piece and shake, shake, shake until you are sure all the wrinkles are out!  Except all those pieces you pick up are the ones out of the pile I’ve already folded.  At least you try!

Emma Grace is 18 Months - copyright jRoxDesigns 2013

You still love to read!  You will read Olivia and Pinkalicious to yourself over and over every day but will never sit still for me to read them to you.  Your new favorite book is Pinkalicious and the Pinktastic Zoo Day because there are balloons in it shaped like bears.  You point to them every time and try to say balloons over and over again!  Who knows but it is pretty cute!  You also like to try to read any mail I leave on the kitchen table while you eat lunch.  This particular day you were enjoying the JoAnn’s sale flyer!

We went to the doctor for your 18 month check up and you are growing up so fast!  You were 22 lbs 10 ozs (26%) 31.5″ long (46%) and your big old head is 18.75″ (78%)!

Overall you are one healthy, too smart for your own good little girl!  In order to keep you out of some of the kitchen cabinets I took rubber bands and put them around the door knobs.  Well now that you are older I tend to forget to put them back sometimes but you run through the kitchen every morning and put the rubber bands back around the knobs.  You have NO idea that they are actually to keep you out!  You are also my little branding genius!  You recognize the Sun Drop logo and scream “DAAAADAAAA!” every time you see it even if we are in the middle of the grocery store!  You also recognize the logo for Daddy’s restaurant and scream his name again when you see it on his chef jackets or even on the side of the building when we pull up to see him.  You have started to recognize that certain things in our house belong to certain people.  Cars, trucks and Legos belong in Jake’s room while anything that looks like a cut of fabric belongs in Mommy’s studio and well ALL socks belong to Daddy and go in his bottom drawer.  Sorry Daddy if you find some socks that don’t belong to you!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little girl you are starting to become.  It’s hard to believe we are half way to the 2 year mark.  The thought of you growing up brings tears to my eyes.  I don’t want you to grow up.  I want to bottle up your crazy toddler energy and keep it forever.  But then I think of all the memories that are yet to come and the idea of watching you grow as a person makes me so proud to be your Mommy.

I love you!




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