Where Do Big Wooden Letters Come From?

Before we start today I just have to ask…

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Have you guys checked out the newest products in our Etsy shop?  One of my favorites is the wooden letters!  Last week I gave you a little bit of background on all the newest products here and  today I thought I would give a little behind the scenes sneak peek at what goes into making some of our products.  Also if you follow us on Instagram you already know I got a NEW toy – a 16″ Scroll Saw!  I spent all weekend playing and have almost completely changed how I am now making a lot of the new products but I thought you would enjoy it anyways!

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

For most of the products I make I create templates that I can use over and over again but for this custom order I simply traced the “B” by using a projector.

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

Ah life before the scroll saw meant that I enlisted the help of a big daddy band saw which wasn’t bad for larger non curvy projects but wasn’t good for sharp corners!

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

Sharper turns meant the jig saw got some action too.

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

Ever wonder how to cut out the inside of shapes?  All you have to do is drill a small hole, place the blade inside and go from there!

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

Making super smooth lines are easy with a flush trim router bit.  Those things are so cool!

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

There is a bushing on the top (or bottom) that rides along a template and the bit evens your cutting edge to the edge of your template.

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

Smoothing out all of our projects has been so easy with Jeremy’s new toy from Christmas!  That sander is amazing!

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

Even though fancy tools are nice – there is no substitute for a good ‘ol hand sanding.

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

I love hand sanding.  I know it sounds silly but it’s almost therapeutic for me so rest assured…any product you receive from jRoxDesigns will be SUPER smooth!

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

I kinda of love woodworking…can you tell?  Yes…that is me hugging a big wooden letter 🙂

Wooden Letter Overview | jRoxDesigns

So there you have it.  A little sneak peek behind the scenes into an afternoon in the workshop.  Maybe once I get some time I’ll show you how my new scroll saw has changed my life! 🙂



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