Diane von Furstenberg ♥ GapKids Is Finally Here!

It’s finally here!  Diane von Furstenberg is back for another collaboration with GapKids and babyGap and the collection launches today!  I love DVF because lets face is she is nothing less amazing.  She launched her career in the mid 70’s with her creation of the iconic wrap dress and from there she continued to create one of a kind designs that will make any woman feel like a million bucks.  DVF’s first collection with GapKids was remarkable and when I heard the news of a new collection I have been patiently waiting…until today!!  I am a bit biased because I did work for Gap for quite a few years but I have always loved their kids clothing.  Jake was always decked out in the latest GapKids fashions and after he outgrew them they still looked fabulous on my nephew who rocked them until he grew out of them too!  Now with a little girl it seems that I can’t help myself but scoop up every cute little dress and pair of shoes I can get my hands on.  Watch out wallet because I’m about to go shopping!

Diane von Furstenberg & GapKids Limited Edition Explorers Collection

Have you started shopping for spring yet?



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