Finding Joy In Life

First off can I say how much I have missed checking in with you guys on a regular basis?  Life has been crazy around over the last couple months.  Well, actually who am I kidding I mean the last YEAR!!  We have slowly learned how to rearrange our lives to accommodate an active 4th grader with a busier social life than either of his parents combined.  Then there is a toddler who doesn’t sit still and always has us on the go.  I’ve been working hard helping out my hubby with his 2nd business/hobby/adventure all while he still plugs away at his regular full-time job.  There have been tons of DIY projects between our home and helping friends and family with projects of their own as well.  It seemed for a long time we were so busy with “life” we couldn’t find the time to actually “live” our life together as a family.  With all the craziness hubby and I had to sit down and decide what was really important to us.  I LOVE spending time here with you guys and we both love our DIY projects but we had to reassess where we were spending our time and how we were spending it.  Over the last year or so we had slowly found ourselves partaking in projects that even though we loved them, they  weren’t necessarily what was best for our family.

Christmas Twinkle Light Photography by Amber Foster Smith Photography

So after a lot of consideration I took a step back from DIY blogging for a little while to purse my real passion in life, photography.  It’s funny how photography even plays such a large roll in our family’s daily life.  Most of the time it is capturing those sweet candid shots of our day-to-day lives but it is also plays a big roll here on the blog as well as my Etsy shop.  My kids though…wow they are my tiny, little budding photographers.  It brings a smile to my face when Jake begs me to bring along his DSLR and wants to pick my brain on “what the best settings are” for this or that.  Emma Grace on the other hand has two toddler safe play cameras but insists on sneaking my vintage cameras off my bookshelves and asking me to “cheeeezzzeeee” for her!  They have always been so patient with Mommy wanting to get just “one more shot” or “trying something different” and for that I have been rewarded with TONS of priceless photos of my precious little ones.

Photography brings so much joy to myself and our family so it only came naturally that I wanted to share that joy with others and thus launched  Amber Foster Smith Photography. Ever since I have been blessed to be able to share in so many families’ special moments.  I’ve been there to capture the first days in several sweet newborns lives!

Newborn Photography by Amber Foster Smith Photography

This cutie’s session was full of so many sweet moments you can see them all right here.

Then this little girl I not only got to visit right after she was born…

but last week we got to play again with the help of a bit of magical Christmas twinkle!

I spent a fun afternoon with this stylish couple walking the streets of downtown Raleigh!

Before all of those sweet newborns though there are beautiful and strong mommas who deserve to be pampered too!   How gorgeous is this pregnant momma??  You should see her handsome baby boy!

Then there was this little guy!  I called in a little favor and his momma and I surprised this future pilot with a big gift for his second birthday…being able to crawl around in a couple REAL airplanes and even a tour of a private hangar from one amazing pilot! The joy in his face is why I love sharing my gift with others!

So there you have it, this is why I have been MIA over the last couple months.  Don’t worry I still love you and I  will still be back sharing lots of fun projects with you right here!  Christmas time in our house is always filled with lots of DIY gifts for not only the kids but the family as well, so I’ll be sure to share those with you as finish them.  If you stay tuned I even have two easy peasy bib patterns and tutorials lined up for the next week.  Rumor is that a sneaky little elf will be here any day now too.  If you follow me on Instagram ( You don’t?  Well you should..I’m kind of fun!) you would know that I’ve been working away on a big gift for a little girl who will make its début here soon too!  So, thank you for hanging around because you all mean the world to me!  If you have a minute it would mean so much to me if you would stop by and checkout my site.  Or maybe you want to see our latest happenings or catch all the latest session sneak peeks head on over to my Facebook page!  I can’t wait to share with you all of my latest adventures both here and there!




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