Emma Grace 42 Weeks

Emma Grace is 42 Weeks Old!

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Phew it has been a week!  Remember how I was thinking that someone is getting top teeth?  Well I was right…and they are taking their sweet time coming in.  Her gums are RED and puffy but I still don’t see the little teeth under her gums.  You know how you can usually see a little bit of white underneath those gums?  Nope there is nothing.  Meaning I’m pretty sure these puppies aren’t going to be here any time soon!  You wanna know what Emma Grace thinks about her teeth this week?  I’m pretty sure this photo tells it all!

jRoxDesigns Photography copyright 2012

Oh did you not catch her mood this week?  Let me take a second look!

jRoxDesigns Photography copyright 2012

Yes I know a little dramatic huh?  I wonder where she gets this from?!  Mom, Dad if you are reading this one today no smart comments okay?  There have been a lot of tears.

jRoxDesigns Photography copyright 2012

We are hanging in there.  Lets hope they make an appearance soon because I can’t take many more sad, teary eyes!

jRoxDesigns Photography copyright 2012

P.S. The last two are straight out of the camera with no editing!  I love the color!  I’m getting better!

Emma Grace 41 Weeks

Emma Grace is 41 Weeks Old!

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After months of absolutely no interest in her thumb…it is her new best friend this week!  I think this means that new teeth are trying to make an appearance!

How about that fabric?  Look familiar??  Want a clue??

YES!!  Jeremy said yes and it arrived in time for our guests!!  Whoohoo!

Come back on Monday when I will be sharing a post about my journey with HG during my pregnancy with Emma Grace.  This week was the first annual Hyperemesis Gravidarum World Awareness Day and I decided it was finally time to get it all out and maybe I can help another mommy to be with her journey.  Stay tuned!

Happy Friday!

Emma Grace 40 Weeks

Emma Grace is 40 Weeks Old!

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Emma Grace is the big 4-0 this week! Every week that goes by reminds me we are getting closer to her first birthday which I don’t think I will be able to handle!  Remember last week’s video of the first time she crawled?  Well now she is ALL over the place, just like I figured she would be.  When I’m working in the kitchen she will crawl away from her toys to come be by me and look at her reflection in the oven.  She is into everything and will find every teeny tiny piece of trash on the floor and try to eat it.  I had just finished sweeping the kitchen and she found the only piece of trash I missed.  I need to go buy outlet covers like right now because she discovered those yesterday outside my bathroom door.  Yikes!  My favorite moment was earlier in the week she crawled over to the table where Jake and I were sitting and kept trying to pull up on Jake’s chair so he would play with her.  Makes me tear up!  She also has never showed any interest in the mobile in her crib until this week, now its her new favorite thing!