Bringing Chalkboards Out of the Classroom and Into The Home :: Inspiration Wednesday

Right now there is a chalkboard crazy sweeping the DIY world and I just think the idea is so much fun.  There are chalkboard walls going into kitchens, playrooms and I’ve even seen them in nurseries!  The more projects I came across the more and more I wanted one in our home!  Jeremy and I have talked about putting one in our kitchen for the longest time but we couldn’t figure out exactly where to put it.  I love this full wall but we don’t a full wall in the kitchen and for our space I think it would be too much.

Kitchen Chalkboard Wall from High Street Market

High Street Market via The Wight House on Pintrest

A half wall with beautiful lights to highlight the space makes the trend a little more formal.

Nook Chalkboard from The Urban Electric Company Blog

The Urban Electric Company Blog via Jennifer O. on Pintrest

By adding moulding to the chalkboard you could almost make it into a piece of artwork!

Framed Chalkboard Canadian House and Home

Canadian House and Home via Amie K. on Pintrest

I’m loving the idea of writing out meal plans for the week.  No more “What are we having for dinner?” before we even eat breakfast!

Meal Planner Chalkboard from Whipper Berry

Whipper Berry via Lauren L. on Pintrest

Even the smallest spaces have room for chalkboard!

Small Chalkboard from Desire To Inspire

Desire To Inspire via Allison on Pintrest

What about putting the chalkboard in reach of the kiddos to show off their artwork?

Kitchen Island from The New York Times

The New York Times on Pintrest

Kitchen Island from Emily A. Clark

Emily A. Clark via Katrina A. on Pintrest

Have you jumped on the chalkboard craze?  It’s official we have found the perfect space in our kitchen and I’ll have pictures to share soon!